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5 Tips For Maximizing Vacation Time

Here at Flat Creek Inn, we’re all about slowing down, taking the scenic routes, and enjoying the mountain air. But slowing down can be difficult when you want to pack in an entire bucket list’s worth of sights into those last few vacation days. Here are five tips for maximizing your travel time in 2024. Travel around weekends or holidays There’s been a lot of buzz (mostly negative) around this year’s travel “hack,” scheduling your PTO around paid holidays. While this speci...

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Snowshoeing Jackson Lake

  Most corners of the world have been explored by now, but you don’t have to be the first person to plant your flag in some remote region to be an explorer. Take Jackson Hole, for instance. Anyone with a pair of snowshoes, some beef jerky, and a little tolerance for cold can embark like the polar explorers of old into the great wide wilderness. Like I did last week when my brothers, my dad, and I went ice fishing on Jackson Lake. After stopping at Flat Creek for final supplies (this is...

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Tips From a Local: Korinne Bagley Nelson’s Jackson Hole

  Here at Flat Creek Inn, we consider ourselves locals. After all, we’ve been here for decades in one form or another. And while some employees come and go, many of us have deep roots here in Jackson Hole. Take Korinne, for example, our managing owner. She graduated a few classes after Davey Jackson himself! (Just kidding, Korinne!) We asked her for her insider tips on getting the most from your trip to Jackson Hole this year.  Tell us about growing up in Jackson Hole. What was it lik...

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Out with 2023, In with 2024: Happy New Year from Flat Creek Inn

It's that time of year again—fresh starts, new vibes, and a chance to tell everyone on social media which things you’re totally going to be focusing on this year. Except we actually are going to be focusing on a few areas of improvement, right? Here are 5 areas we can focus on together this new year. [caption id="attachment_2701" align="alignleft" width="480"] The sun has set in 2023. How will you make your 2024 a bit brighter?[/caption] Out with Waste, In with Sustainability Let'...

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Merry Christmas from Flat Creek Inn!

Jackson Hole embodies the spirit of Christmas like few places that don’t have “North” or “Pole” in their names. It’s a place where people from all over the globe come together, where celebrations take place amid snow and ice, and where that cozy, Hallmark Channel charm lives all year long. Plus, the elk are sort of like reindeer.  With that festive holiday spirit in the air, we at Flat Creek Inn want to extend our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. Here amidst the sere...

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