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Tips From a Local: Korinne Bagley Nelson’s Jackson Hole


Here at Flat Creek Inn, we consider ourselves locals. After all, we’ve been here for decades in one form or another. And while some employees come and go, many of us have deep roots here in Jackson Hole. Take Korinne, for example, our managing owner. She graduated a few classes after Davey Jackson himself! (Just kidding, Korinne!) We asked her for her insider tips on getting the most from your trip to Jackson Hole this year. 

Tell us about growing up in Jackson Hole. What was it like in those long-ago days?

My memory of growing up in Jackson in the 60s and 70s is that it started snowing in October and the snow didn’t melt until May. Learning to ski was part of the school curriculum, there was one stoplight in town, and only about 3,000 people claimed Jackson as their home.

What are some of your most prominent or amusing memories here?

My family would get together once a week and go do something crazy fun. One of our favorite memories was playing in the mud along the Snake River. We chopped our own firewood and finding a Christmas tree every year was an annual tradition. Visiting String Lake has been a family favorite summertime spot.

And one more tasty memory was “The Barrel." It was on the Flat Creek Inn property before Flat Creek Inn was born. The Barrel sold hamburgers and the best tall strawberry shakes you’ve ever had. There was a one-room apartment at the top for the employees.jackson hole

How has the place changed since you grew up here?

It seems like when I was growing up there were many families who were descendants of early original homesteaders in the valley. Now there are adventure enthusiasts from all over who live here. What is the same is that the livelihood of most of the people who live here is connected to the tourist industry.

What is the #1 thing you recommend for visitors to do here in Jackson Hole?

Come during the shoulder seasons (spring and fall) and walk around the square and soak in the atmosphere. In the summer there is the shootout every night on the northeast corner of the square, and a farmer's market around the square on Saturday mornings. In the winter there is skating on the square. It’s our town hub.

Where are some of your favorite places to eat here in town?

Today I had pizza with elk sausage from Yeah Buddy Pizza which was pretty tasty. Another fun pizza place is Hand Fired Pizza located in the historic Teton Theater where I used to go see movies growing up. A good sandwich shop is the Creekside Market.

What’s one thing in town you wish got more attention? 

There are so many fun activities at Snow King but at the base of Snow King is a mountain cemetery, Aspen Hill Cemetery. It’s mostly overgrown but relaxing and peaceful to walk through.

Do you have any “local secrets” you’re willing to impart?

If you are planning a trip to Jackson, one activity that your family will never forget is going on a sleigh ride through the elk reserve during the winter.

Do you have any questions for a longtime local? Let us know in the comments.


Ryan Kunz is a copywriter and freelance writer who writes on a variety of topics, including media, the outdoors, and whatever else strikes his fancy. he did not grow up in Jackson, but his parents grew up on both sides of the Tetons, which in a way makes him more than local. Don’t overthink it. 

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