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Q&A: Meet Jeffrey – Flat Creek Inn’s Guest Experience Manager!

Jeffrey “Disco” Wagar

Once in a metallic, glittery moon do you have the opportunity to work with someone as loving, funny, and efficient as Jeffrey. He has been a favorite of everyone who works with him and meets him. If you haven’t met him yet (and even if you have) you’ll enjoy reading through this delightful Q&A.


How long have you worked for Flat Creek Inn?

I recently enjoyed my 2-year work anniversary here at Flat Creek Inn & Mart.  I was hired and started as a housekeeper on October 6, 2020.

What is your current position?

Currently, I hold the position of Guest Experience Manager. I began my journey here as a housekeeper, then became a room checker then I was promoted to Housekeeping Supervisor, and now I am the Guest Experience Manager. (I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight what those initials spell: GEM, as in priceless!)

Where were you born and what was unique about your childhood?

I was born and raised in this little unincorporated, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it community called Marion in northwest Montana. It was about 70 miles west of Glacier National Park. It was very much in the woods. I would say one thing I find extra special, maybe hard to fathom for some, would be the fact that I graduated from the same grade school that my mom and dad graduated from. I mean, those are some roots!

I understand that some people call you “Disco.” Is there a fun story behind that?

So, I am called, by a very select few, “Disco.” I warranted that nickname when I was in the sixth grade. We had a little basketball team at my school. We were known as the “Marion Trappers” and our mascot was a kid with a raccoon skin hat, tail and all—very country. One day during basketball practice, I walked in wearing this pair of brand-new high-top sneakers that were multi-colored metallic glittery checkered showstoppers. And my basketball coach hollered, “You better get to practicing, Disco,” and it stuck.

What is an accomplishment in your life that you are most proud of?

I mean, does surviving the summer season in Jackson count?  It should, they can get BONKERS!  Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I know I should list some tangible thing that I created or wrote or something along those lines. But really, I feel like one of the greatest things I have been able to accomplish at 50 years old is still hanging on to a good sense of humor. I am an absolute believer in laughter and that humor can enhance the best day you can have and help heal the worst day you can have. And I am a published poet. There is that too.

What is the secret to living a happy life?

I think the secret to happy living is very complex … simply be a good human. That is it. Be decent, appreciate, and be grateful to those that are important in your life, and vocalize this to them … OFTEN!

What fun items do you have on your bucket list?

I think one thing that I dream of doing because I think it would be so amazingly fun—my sister and I may be the only two people in the world who think this—is I want to go with my sissy on a haunted hotel tour! Find the hotels/inns/motels/lodges that they claim are haunted and spend a summer just going to them. How fun!

What’s your favorite thing about working at the Flat Creek Inn?

I have multiple reasons that all have tied for first, for reals. One would be the stories: the stories of those who stay with us. There are people out there who have had unbelievably amazing journeys in life. Another would be the friends, both long-term and temporary, that I have met here. Staff, guests, vendors, or simply one-stop-weary-travelers that I befriend for three minutes while they buy a soda … life-enriching. And finally, the family that has taken me in. I don’t recall ever being made to feel so welcomed, valued, and important.

Why should anyone come stay at the Flat Creek Inn?

You know this is what I tell people. We are not the newest, we are not the fanciest, we are not the shiniest. But what we are is the most guest-service focused. I am proud to say, LOUDLY, that I feel the staff, at any given time of the year, is the friendliest, most help-you-with-whatever-you-need staff. From extra pillows to changing your flat tire—yeah, my staff has done it—we are here for you. If you don’t believe me, well come book a stay with us and experience it for yourself!

Spotlight on Lincoln – A Flat Creek Inn Employee

Lincoln Bagley – a Flat Creek Inn employee

This summer we have a fantastic team working at Flat Creek Inn. Our customers have been raving about them (see these reviews left just today and yesterday!) One of our employees right now is the grandson of our owner, and his name is Lincoln Bagley. Let’s get to know him a little better…

How long have you worked at the Flat Creek Inn and what is your position there?

I have been at Flat Creek for two summers. I primarily work in housekeeping, but also some evenings in the store. 

Tell us something unique about yourself that maybe not a lot of people know…

I can draw the United States from memory. 

What is your favorite food, and what’s your favorite movie?

Food: Macaroni and Cheese

Movie: Cars, Talladega Nights

What’s your favorite place to eat at in Jackson Hole?

I enjoy Cutty’s, and the Jackson Drug.

What is the best thing about living in Jackson Hole?

It is very low stress and there are a lot of really cool secret spots to enjoy. 

What is the worst thing about living in Jackson Hole?

There are only two roads that leave Jackson and both get a lot of traffic in the late afternoon. 

Where are you from originally?

Rigby, Idaho

What is your future career goal?

Own my own business.

What do you think are the 3 best qualities Flat Creek Inn has to offer?

1) Location outside of town, 2) extremely friendly staff, 3) easy accessibility for people who want to spend most of their time out doing stuff. 

Do you have any funny/interesting stories that have happened while working at Flat Creek?

 None that would be appropriate to share 😉

What are some of your favorite things to do in Jackson?

Astoria Hot Springs is fun. Also sneaking into the hot tub at the Four Seasons is a great time.  I enjoy going down different dirt roads and finding a place to set up my hammock and take a nap.  I also enjoy camping at Shadow Mountain

Thanks for letting us spotlight you, Lincoln!

Book your stay at Flat Creek Inn and maybe you’ll see Lincoln while you’re there 🙂

Employee Spotlight: Logan Bagley – A Guest Service Associate!

Logan with his cute little niece, Lucy!

Tell us something unique about yourself that maybe not a lot of people know…

I won a men’s pageant similar to Junior Miss in my senior year of high school.


What is your favorite food and favorite movie?

My favorite food is pepperoni pizza and ice cream (not very exciting, I know), and my favorite movie is Forever Strong.


Where are you from originally?

I was born and raised in Eastern Idaho, mainly in Shelley and Rexburg.


What do you want to be when you “grow up”?

I would actually really like to be a teacher and researcher at the university level when I am older.


What’s your history with Flat Creek Inn and how long have you worked there?

This is my third summer here at the Flat Creek Inn. Because I am a member of the Bagley family, I have always had ties to Jackson and the Flat Creek Inn, so this was a logical choice for a summer job.


What’s your favorite place to eat at in Jackson Hole?

Keeping in line with my love of pizza, I love to eat at Pinky G’s, because the pepperoni there is incredible.


What do you think are the 5 best qualities Flat Creek Inn has to offer?

Flat Creek Inn has great location, great managers, incredible views, lots of space, and a true rustic Jackson experience for tourists.


Do you have any interesting/funny stories that have happened to you while working at Flat Creek Inn?

Every time that the neighbor’s dog, Shiloh, comes over to the store by herself, I get to walk her back. She is super nice and poses absolutely no danger to anyone, and will even sit right by the door to the convenience store looking for someone to pet her. Dogs hanging out at gas stations is not something that you see in the city, but is a staple of rural towns like the ones in Wyoming. I think that she is probably looking for me when she comes over, as she and I are good friends. She comes over often while her owner is working in the Wilcox Gallery next door, and we walk her back so that she is safe from the constant flow of cars in the gas station.


What are some of your favorite things to do in Jackson?

I love to go swimming and biking. Jackson Hole has some of the best lakes and mountain views in the world. These things attract people from all over the world to this area.


Thanks for letting us spotlight you, Logan!

Thanks for all your hard work and helping to make the Flat Creek Inn so great!

Flat Creek Inn Mini Mart

Call and book your room today – you might end up talking to Logan himself!


Q&A with Patsy Bagley Brunson- Matriarch of the family business


1) Tell us a little about yourself…

Well, I love reading, animals, quiet, nature (beautiful flowers, plants, and trees). I’ve always loved the Gospel and Father in Heaven. The sad things that have happened to me have all turned into blessings and joys. My five missions have all been full of learning and happy experiences, even though it’s been hard work. I greatly love my children. I also have always enjoyed writing letters…..a lot.


2) How long did you live in Jackson and what brought you to Jackson originally?

Jerry [Bagley] and I finished our honeymoon, that started in Northern California and ended in Star Valley, at Jerry’s parents’ home. After being there for three weeks, Jerry just seemed happy back working with his dad again, but I started crying thinking this was going to be my life. So, Vivian [Jerry’s mother] called her Call Maverik brothers [they are the ones who started Maverik gas stations] to see if they had a job for Jerry. And that led to our Jackson Hole career. We lived there for 20+ years, and still own our business there [50 years later].

Jerry and Patsy and their young family living in Jackson

3) What your history is with Flat Creek Inn property?

When our Red Barn property became Flat Creek property, that is when we decided to move to Idaho. It was mostly my idea, but after we moved, Jerry was also happy with the decision. We still had much connection with the property even though we didn’t live on-site anymore.


4) What do you love about being the owner of the Flat Creek Inn?

I get to receive payments for being the main owner which has allowed me to do many fun things for my family, like trips, and birthdays. I’ve also been able to do much charity work and have been able to go on missions, and support others on missions. The business has given my family many Jackson Hole experiences and employment, and the cousins get to work together and enjoy one another.


5) Do you have any funny/interesting stories that have happened to you while living/working at the gas station in Jackson?

Funny things that I can think of are when I parked our truck up at our log home [right above Flat Creek Inn], and then when I went outside I couldn’t find it because it drove itself down to the highway. I forgot to put the emergency brake on.

Once I saw Jim Wilcox [owner of the Wilcox Art Gallery that is also on the Flat Creek Inn property] drive to town with his big bag of garbage on top of his car. He forgot to leave it at the turnout for the garbage truck. We laughed and laughed!


6) What are some of your favorite things to do in Jackson?

My favorite thing to do in Jackson was to go to Church every Sunday and for activities.

As a family we also enjoyed taking a break by going to String Lake with our canoes. We loved the peace, quiet, and togetherness that wasn’t work.

I enjoyed being a pink lady at the St. John’s Hospital as a juice lady taking juice drinks to all of the patients. I loved visiting and helping out the people who needed extra care.

I enjoyed all of our kid’s school and sports activities. I was so proud of their accomplishments.

Patsy and Terry

7) What have you been up to since leaving Jackson Hole?

I have been very busy since living in Jackson decorating homes, going on five missions, and making a new life after Jerry passed away. I also keep busy by remembering many birthdays every month (like about 15), especially since marrying Terry Brunson and having a whole new family to do things with and celebrate with.

I try to support many charity activities and missionaries. I also support African and Asian students at Brigham Young University – Idaho. I always have church callings – like teaching mostly. And I love ministering, which I have been faithful with since I was first called when I was a new wife and mother. I think that is the most important calling in the church.

I love traveling and have traveled to many countries throughout the world…..such a good way to be educated and to make many friends.


We love you Patsy/Grammie! Thanks for your great example and the wonderful legacy you are giving to your family!

Patsy and her posterity!

Spotlight on Flat Creek’s General Manager: Kyle!

Kyle Eggett and his family.

(Thanks to Kyle’s wife, Katie, who helped answer some of these questions!)

Tell us a little about yourself…

Kyle is a great dad to his five kids – they love him dearly and he takes their teasing (especially about his misspelled words on Sunday Boggle game night) with his easy laughter!

His oldest is a daughter, who is 20, and attends Paul Mitchell Hair Academy. Next is his son, a graduating senior from high school who turns 18 in June and hopes to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before fall. His almost 15-year-old daughter played for the JV softball team this year and will be a sophomore at Madison High School next year. His fourth child/third daughter is a sweetheart who loves to manage our family and go Saturday night grocery shopping with her dad (she will be turning 12 this summer). And last, but not least, is his almost 9-year-old son who just wants to ride his bike, play all day, and weekend wrestle his dad after working at his side on Saturdays.

Kyle’s wife of 20-years says that he is her dearest friend and she couldn’t imagine traveling this planet with anyone but him!


What is your favorite food and favorite movie?

Kyle loves cheesecake and sci-fi movies/shows, but his favorite movie of all time is The Man From Snowy River.

He makes The Best Hamburgers (his spoiled wife won’t even eat hamburgers anywhere else) and a delicious pizza (which his kids always ask for every weekend).


How long have you lived in Jackson Hole and what brought you to Jackson?

Kyle has lived in Jackson almost four years. He wanted to be closer to his family since he was working in Arizona previously.


Where are you from originally?

Kyle was born and raised on a small dairy farm in Spring Lake, Utah.


Where did you graduate from and what was your major?

Kyle graduated from The College of Denver with a degree in Computer Technology.


What’s your history with Flat Creek Inn and how long have you worked there?

I have been with Flat Creek all four years I have been in Jackson. I was lucky enough to see the job opening and applied here.


What do you think are the 5 best qualities Flat Creek Inn has to offer?

1) The Location – we have the best views.
2) The family and how they all want the success of the property.
3) The history of the property and owners.
4) Importance of the LDS Church standards being represented.
5) The staff that we have here year round as well as seasonally.


Do you have any interesting stories that have happened to you while working there?

The effort from everyone that helped us get to #16 on TripAdvisor last year.


What are some of your favorite things to do in Jackson?

To have my family come up to Jackson and all be together and watch General Conference.


Thanks for letting us spotlight you, Kyle!

You are a terrific General Manager and we appreciate all that you do for the Flat Creek Inn!

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