Flat Creek Inn

Employee Spotlight

Q&A: Meet Jeffrey – Flat Creek Inn’s Guest Experience Manager!

Jeffrey "Disco" Wagar Once in a metallic, glittery moon do you have the opportunity to work with someone as loving, funny, and efficient as Jeffrey. He has been a favorite of everyone who works with him and meets him. If you haven't met him yet (and even if you have) you'll enjoy reading through this delightful Q&A.   How long have you worked for Flat Creek Inn? I recently enjoyed my 2-year work anniversary here at Flat Creek Inn & Mart.  I was hired and started as a housekeep...

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Spotlight on Lincoln – A Flat Creek Inn Employee

Lincoln Bagley - a Flat Creek Inn employee This summer we have a fantastic team working at Flat Creek Inn. Our customers have been raving about them (see these reviews left just today and yesterday!) One of our employees right now is the grandson of our owner, and his name is Lincoln Bagley. Let's get to know him a little better... How long have you worked at the Flat Creek Inn and what is your position there? I have been at Flat Creek for two summers. I primarily work in housekeepi...

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Employee Spotlight: Logan Bagley – A Guest Service Associate!

[caption id="attachment_1622" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Logan with his cute little niece, Lucy![/caption] Tell us something unique about yourself that maybe not a lot of people know... I won a men's pageant similar to Junior Miss in my senior year of high school.   What is your favorite food and favorite movie? My favorite food is pepperoni pizza and ice cream (not very exciting, I know), and my favorite movie is Forever Strong.   Where are you from originally? I was born a...

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Q&A with Patsy Bagley Brunson- Matriarch of the family business

[caption id="attachment_1568" align="aligncenter" width="295"] Patsy[/caption] 1) Tell us a little about yourself... Well, I love reading, animals, quiet, nature (beautiful flowers, plants, and trees). I've always loved the Gospel and Father in Heaven. The sad things that have happened to me have all turned into blessings and joys. My five missions have all been full of learning and happy experiences, even though it's been hard work. I greatly love my children. I also have always enjoyed writ...

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Spotlight on Flat Creek’s General Manager: Kyle!

[caption id="attachment_1559" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Kyle Eggett and his family.[/caption] (Thanks to Kyle's wife, Katie, who helped answer some of these questions!) Tell us a little about yourself... Kyle is a great dad to his five kids - they love him dearly and he takes their teasing (especially about his misspelled words on Sunday Boggle game night) with his easy laughter! His oldest is a daughter, who is 20, and attends Paul Mitchell Hair Academy. Next is his son, a graduatin...

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