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Everything You Need to Know about the Jackson Hole Shootout

Did you know Jackson Hole is home to the longest-running continuous shootout in the United States? Yes, that’s a real record, and yes, it’s absolutely true. The Jackson Hole Shootout has been going for more than 65 years, which is slightly longer than the gunfight at the end of the last John Wick movie.   What can you expect? If you’re in town and you have a hankerin’ to watch some rascally outlaws git what’s comin’ to ‘em (and you happen to be in town from Memo...

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Road trip to washington

American Road Trip: Part Three

We’re back, Roads Scholars, with another installment in our “American Road Trip” series. When last we wrote, we were young, naive, and optimistic. Since then, we’ve seen things.  As a result, we can now write with more authority on road-tripping with small children. As a Washingtonian residing in Utah for the last decade or so, I’ve taken the lengthy drive between the states countless times. However, this month, my husband and I loaded up our five-month-old and almost three-year-o...

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Fish Hatchery in Jackson Hole

Let's go visit the Jackson National Fish Hatchery! Entrance to the Fish Hatchery This fish hatchery is just a little outside of Jackson Hole, not far from the Flat Creek Inn. Look for the "Jackson National Fish Hatchery" sign and follow the arrows to the parking lot. [caption id="attachment_2561" align="aligncenter" width="360"] The entrance sign.[/caption] The views from the fish hatchery are beautiful. It's a really peaceful and scenic area. Visitors can follow the wide, paved pathway fro...

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Yellowstone geyser

Yellowstone Geysers that Aren’t Old Faithful

Admittedly, we’re on a bit of a Yellowstone kick lately. As one of the nation’s oldest and most popular national parks, not to mention the second largest in the continental United States, Yellowstone offers plenty to talk about. Over 4,000,000 visitors flock to the park each year and you can bet they’re all making a beeline to Old Faithful. And while Old Faithful is incredible, it’s also incredibly popular, welcoming approximately 2,000 guests per eruption. If you’d rather skip thos...

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Geysers Galore: Hydrothermal Features of Yellowstone

[caption id="attachment_2514" align="alignright" width="480"] Dietmar Rabich / Wikimedia Commons / “Yellowstone National Park (WY, USA), Old Faithful Geyser -- 2022 -- 2619” / CC BY-SA 4.0[/caption] A visit to Yellowstone National Park is almost certain to involve thrilling landscapes and wildlife sightings, but what really sets Yellowstone apart from the pack is the geysers and other hydrothermal features. Of course, “hydrothermal features” sounds a bit boring, but that’s only bec...

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