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Flat Creek Family Favorites

Growing up in a place like Jackson Hole, Wyoming was magical for all of the kids in the Bagley Family. They have so many great memories of working hard (some harder than others, ha!) on the family business (the Red Barn), and playing hard in the beauty of Jackson Hole.

Jerry and Patsy with their children in 1982 (Photo taken at Mormon Row)

The Bagley Family (consisting of the parents: Jerry and Patsy, and their 7 children: Korinne, Trisha, Brett, Ryan, Seth, Chelsea, and Jessica) has been loving Jackson since they first moved there in the 1960s. (That’s a love affair of almost 60 years, folks!)

Although everyone has since grown up and moved to other locations across the United States, they still work together on the family business (aka the Flat Creek Inn), and they still visit Jackson Hole as often as they can.

The Bagley Family

 All this to say, the Bagley Family has been there, done that when it comes to Jackson Hole. You could say they are experienced Jackson Hole-ians. Years of living in and visiting Jackson Hole has culminated in finding the-best-of-the-best, cream-of-the-crop, hidden-gems in Jackson.

So, without further ado, here is the list of the Flat Creek Family Favorites from our family (including our work family) to your family:

*Favorite Food in Jackson*

Favorite Breakfast Place:
The Virginian
The Bunnery

Favorite Lunch Spot:
Merry Piglets
Museum of Wildlife Art Cafe

Favorite Dinner Location:
Merry Piglets
El Albuelito
The Wort
Teton Tiger
The Local
Blue Lion

Favorite Dessert Spot:
Jackson Drug
Moo's Gourmet Ice Cream

*Favorite Outdoor Activities*

Favorite Hike:
Amphitheater Lake
Middle Teton
Alaska Basin
Gray's River Road
Lake Solitude

Favorite Picnic Area:
String Lake

Favorite Place to Canoe:
Phelps Lake
String Lake
Palisades Reservoir

Favorite Fishing Hole:
Palisades Reservoir
Snake River

Favorite Bike Trail:
Across from Flat Creek Inn
Through GTNP
Ride ski lift up and mountain bike down JHMR

Favorite Family Activity:
Canoeing on String Lake over to the beach and getting out and enjoying the view of the Tetons
Astoria Hot Springs
Granite Hot Springs

*Favorite Shops*

Gifts of the Earth
Valley Book Store
Teton Toys

*Favorite Family Entertainment*

Bar J
Bar T5

*Favorite Touristy Things To Do*

Activities at Snow King
The Tram
Rent ATV or side by side
White Water rafting the Snake River

*Favorite Place to Stay*


We hope you enjoy your visit to Jackson Hole! Leave a comment if you have any questions!

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