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Free Astoria Hot Springs in Jackson Hole

This free hot springs in Jackson Hole is a gem that you don’t want to miss!

What is it?

First set of hot springs at the free Astoria Hot Springs.
First set of hot springs

The hot springs are made up of about 5 or so small “pools.”

Two of the pools are together at the bottom of the trail, and then if you walk another 50 feet or so you can find about 3 more small pools.

Second set of hot springs at the Free Astoria Hot Springs.
Second set of hot springs

The temperature of the springs depends on which one you are in, but they are quite hot and feel really nice.

They are big enough and deep enough to fit several people in each one.

Pro tip: Try dipping in the hot springs and then running into the cold river and taking a dip in there!

How to Find the Hot Springs

The red bridge near the free Astoria Hot Springs.
The red bridge

First, find the Astoria Hot Springs Resort. The free hot springs are right across the river from the resort.

When you see the red bridge, you will know that you are close.

Head into the gravel parking lot near the bridge. There are two parking lots, one closer to the bridge and one a little further away – go to the one that’s a little further away from the bridge.

The parking lot at the free Astoria Hot Springs.
The parking lot

After you park look for the dirt trails. There are two paths you can take. The one that goes downward will take you to the first two hot springs.

The trail to the free Astoria Hot Springs.
The top of the trail

The trail that goes along the top will take you to the hot springs that are a little further away. Basically, both paths will lead you to the hot springs, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Heading down the trail to the free Astoria Hot Springs.
Heading down the trail to the hot springs. You can see them below if you look hard!


  • These are HOT springs so they will probably be most enjoyable in the winter, spring, or fall. In the summer it might be best to head there early in the morning, or in the evening when it’s a little cooler outside.

    Soaking in the free Astoria Hot Springs.
    Ahhh, nothing better than soaking in the hot springs!
  • The bottom floor of the hot springs has sharp rocks so walk carefully or wear water shoes.
  • The hot springs may smell like sulfur (aka rotten eggs) so prepare yourself for that!
Beautiful mountain views at the free Astoria Hot Springs.
Beautiful mountain views

The Flat Creek Inn is the perfect place to stay when you come visit the free Astoria Hot Springs!

Shan’tel Christensen is a mother of 5 and a graduate student. She enjoys the beauty of nature and little getaways to amazing places like Jackson Hole.

The 6 Best Family Friendly Activities to do in Jackson Hole!

Jackson Hole is a wonderful place to vacation to with your entire family. There is something for everyone here. We have gathered some of our very favorite family activities to do below.  We hope you have a great time making memories with your family here in Jackson!

1. Head to the Bar J Chuckwagon

This is hands down one of the best family friendly places around Jackson. This is a must if you haven’t been here yet! Basically you go through the buffet line and fill your plate, then you sit down on these long picnic tables and watch the bluegrass show while you eat. The show is full of excellent music on a variety of instruments, and there is plenty of humor mixed in. All ages will LOVE this show from 1-100. The whole experience is so much fun and we highly recommend going here with your family! You can find more information here.

2. Go on a Scenic Chairlift Ride

The Snow King Mountain offers a great scenic chairlift ride that you will enjoy! It lasts about 20 minutes and gives a view of the Elk Refuge, the Teton Mountains, and Jackson Hole town square. All ages will enjoy this ride. Find current information on the chairlift ride here.

3. Sleigh Ride through the Elk Refuge

Combining a sleigh ride with seeing live elk up close is an experience that your family will never forget. This is a highlight for everyone who has gone on it. The sleigh drivers are super knowledgeable and will teach you all about elk as you ride around. The elk are majestic animals and your kids will have a blast getting so close to them. We highly recommend this sleigh ride! If you want a discount, feel free to check out our Stay and Sleigh Special here at the Flat Creek Inn.

4. Ride a Stagecoach around Jackson Hole

Photo via JacksonHoleNet.com


Riding the stagecoach is a treat that your kids will love! It’s a 10 minute ride around downtown Jackson in a stagecoach pulled by horses. It’s a great way to see Jackson and feel like you are living in the old West at the same time. The price is also very affordable. Click here to get more information.

5. Go down the Alpine Slide

Photo via Snow King Mountain

This slide is half a mile long and can have you going up to 25 miles an hour! Your family will love the thrill of riding this slide down the mountain. Note that this ride is for anyone 2 or older. Find more information by clicking here.

6. Watch a play at the Jackson Playhouse

This playhouse is a delight to go to. You can choose to get dinner and a show, or just go to the show. Either way, the plays are very fun, and it’s a smaller theater so you really get to experience the play and feel a part of it. The cast is amazingly talented. This is an experience your whole family will love and you won’t regret going! Click here for more information on current plays.


We hope you and your family enjoy your stay here in Jackson! It’s a trip that your whole family will love!

Come stay at the Flat Creek Inn while you’re here. We hope to see you soon!

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How to do Jackson with a group of mixed-age children

Last time we visited Jackson, we needed to find something a 4 month-old and a 2 1/2 year-old could handle, but that would also be fun for older kids. The Aquatic Center was perfect, and it was nice to take a break from the other tourists. The Aquatic Center has a kiddie pool (3 feet deep) with little waterfalls and a little slide. For bigger kids, there is a big water slide (which was closed when we went, so you might want to call ahead). There is also a 25 yard lap pool, therapy pool, and hot tub. The kids all had a great time. Here’s the hours and fees.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_20190814_152320499_PORTRAIT-e1567028183510-450x600.jpg
The Raining Mushroom

Note: the big slide was closed while we were there, so you might want to check availability.

That afternoon we got some cold drinks and chocolate crossiants from Starbucks. We relaxed in Town Square while we waited for the shootout (FREE). The next day we visited the fish hatchery (FREE), which the boys especially enjoyed. Here’s some more ideas for children of varying ages:

Try Phil Baux Park.

Stroll/bike on the pathway that goes right in front of the Flat Creek Inn. Here are the maps of the pathways and we have FREE bikes for our guests to use.

In the winter, there are 4 ice rinks in Jackson.

If you are having a family event, you can reserve a shelter here.

And here’s some local hotpots to swim in.

String Lake is always a favorite for families. Get there before noon to get a parking spot. It’s especially fun to canoe or kayak. You can rent one in Jackson, just make sure you get a permit at the Visitors Center first to prevent the spread of aquatic pests.

My sister, cousin, and me at String Lake in the 80s.

Prices at Flat Creek Inn have just dropped from the end of summer, so now is a great time to come enjoy for not as much $$$!

Experience Jackson Vlog Style!

Have you been thinking about visiting Jackson Hole but you just aren’t sure if you really want to or not? Let me help you out. I’ve been rounding up some of the best Jackson Hole vlogs on the Internet so that you can experience Jackson from the perspective of other regular folks who have visited Jackson, and you can get their take on it – from the comfort of your own couch, for free!

Vlog #1 – Mortons on the Move

This couple shows a quick vlog about hiking around in the Grand Tetons and then a quick trip to downtown Jackson.

Vlog #2 – Michael Coburn

This father/daughter duo plus the daughter’s friend show what it’s like go to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, sleigh riding, skiing in the Tetons, riding the Tram, getting waffles at Corbet’s Cabin at 10,450 feet (known as the “top of the world waffles”), the Mangy Moose, Mormon Row, and the Sleeping Indian. These guys really did it all!

Vlog #3 – Nature for Kids

This family shows what it’s like to ride the Tram in the summer time by Snow King and then they go river rafting!

I hope you enjoyed watching these vlogs of Jackson Hole, I know I did! I think it’s awesome that you can pretty much “visit” anywhere just from the Internet! If after watching these vlogs you decide that you would like to go to Jackson (which I highly recommend that you do!), I would like to suggest that an excellent place to stay is the Flat Creek Inn! It’s very affordable with a beautiful view (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)!

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