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Q&A with Patsy Bagley Brunson- Matriarch of the family business

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1) Tell us a little about yourself...

Well, I love reading, animals, quiet, nature (beautiful flowers, plants, and trees). I've always loved the Gospel and Father in Heaven. The sad things that have happened to me have all turned into blessings and joys. My five missions have all been full of learning and happy experiences, even though it's been hard work. I greatly love my children. I also have always enjoyed writing letters.....a lot.  

2) How long did you live in Jackson and what brought you to Jackson originally?

Jerry [Bagley] and I finished our honeymoon, that started in Northern California and ended in Star Valley, at Jerry's parents' home. After being there for three weeks, Jerry just seemed happy back working with his dad again, but I started crying thinking this was going to be my life. So, Vivian [Jerry's mother] called her Call Maverik brothers [they are the ones who started Maverik gas stations] to see if they had a job for Jerry. And that led to our Jackson Hole career. We lived there for 20+ years, and still own our business there [50 years later].

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3) What your history is with Flat Creek Inn property?

When our Red Barn property became Flat Creek property, that is when we decided to move to Idaho. It was mostly my idea, but after we moved, Jerry was also happy with the decision. We still had much connection with the property even though we didn't live on-site anymore.  

4) What do you love about being the owner of the Flat Creek Inn?

I get to receive payments for being the main owner which has allowed me to do many fun things for my family, like trips, and birthdays. I've also been able to do much charity work and have been able to go on missions, and support others on missions. The business has given my family many Jackson Hole experiences and employment, and the cousins get to work together and enjoy one another.  

5) Do you have any funny/interesting stories that have happened to you while living/working at the gas station in Jackson?

Funny things that I can think of are when I parked our truck up at our log home [right above Flat Creek Inn], and then when I went outside I couldn't find it because it drove itself down to the highway. I forgot to put the emergency brake on. Once I saw Jim Wilcox [owner of the Wilcox Art Gallery that is also on the Flat Creek Inn property] drive to town with his big bag of garbage on top of his car. He forgot to leave it at the turnout for the garbage truck. We laughed and laughed!  

6) What are some of your favorite things to do in Jackson?

My favorite thing to do in Jackson was to go to Church every Sunday and for activities. As a family we also enjoyed taking a break by going to String Lake with our canoes. We loved the peace, quiet, and togetherness that wasn't work. I enjoyed being a pink lady at the St. John's Hospital as a juice lady taking juice drinks to all of the patients. I loved visiting and helping out the people who needed extra care. I enjoyed all of our kid's school and sports activities. I was so proud of their accomplishments. [caption id="attachment_1567" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Patsy and Terry[/caption]

7) What have you been up to since leaving Jackson Hole?

I have been very busy since living in Jackson decorating homes, going on five missions, and making a new life after Jerry passed away. I also keep busy by remembering many birthdays every month (like about 15), especially since marrying Terry Brunson and having a whole new family to do things with and celebrate with. I try to support many charity activities and missionaries. I also support African and Asian students at Brigham Young University – Idaho. I always have church callings - like teaching mostly. And I love ministering, which I have been faithful with since I was first called when I was a new wife and mother. I think that is the most important calling in the church. I love traveling and have traveled to many countries throughout the world.....such a good way to be educated and to make many friends.  

We love you Patsy/Grammie! Thanks for your great example and the wonderful legacy you are giving to your family!

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