Fish Hatchery in Jackson Hole

Let's go visit the Jackson National Fish Hatchery! Entrance to the Fish Hatchery This fish hatchery is just a little outside of Jackson Hole, not far from the Flat Creek Inn. Look for the "Jackson National Fish Hatchery" sign and follow the arrows to the parking lot. The views from the fish hatchery are beautiful. It's a really peaceful and scenic area. Visitors can follow the wide, paved pathway from the parking lot down to ...
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American Road Trip: Part One

Is there anything more quintessentially summer than piling haphazardly into the family station wagon to embark on the iconic American vacation? Let’s hit the road and take a drive through some of America’s most scenic road trips. California’s Pacific Coast Highway You can’t mention the words “road trip” without including the Pacific Coast Highway. This 653-mile drive stretches from DanaPoint in Orange County to Leggett in Mendocino County and includes some of the most beautiful ...
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Free Astoria Hot Springs in Jackson Hole

This free hot springs in Jackson Hole is a gem that you don't want to miss! What is it? The hot springs are made up of about 5 or so small "pools." Two of the pools are together at the bottom of the trail, and then if you walk another 50 feet or so you can find about 3 more small pools. The temperature of the springs depends on which one you are in, but ...
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Five Day Spas in Jackson

It’s no secret that Grand Teton National Park is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. We’ve dedicated many posts to the wonders and beauty of this historic park. We’ve also written at length about indoor activities for those not so enthusiastic about the outdoors. We have never written about luxury day spas in the Jackson Hole area, however. Maybe you got a bigger-than-expected tax return or want to treat yourself. Or maybe your great aunt Patrice ...
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Catching Up with Grizzly 399

Did you wake up this morning and wonder, “Hey, I wonder what Grizzly 399 is up to?” Maybe you’re the sort of person who only follows human social media influencers, occasionally making exceptions for raccoons who do tricks or cute British puppies. But if you’re into bears, you may have read our post a few years ago about Grizzly 399, a famous mama bear who roams the Grand Teton area. She’s poised to make history ...
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