Wash Your Worries Away at Astoria Hot Springs!

*Disclaimer - At the time of writing this, only locals are allowed into Astoria due to Covid-19 restrictions. When it is safe again, it will open to the general public. Check their website for current updates* What is Astoria Hot Springs? It is a beautiful piece of nature that includes three hot spring pools, a children's pool, and a leisure pool for families and groups. The three pools that make up the hot springs are ...
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Elk bugling during elk rut

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Elk Rut

It’s September, which means it’s a magical time of year. The verdant blanket of summer shuffles aside just enough for fall to poke its rosy head out for a few tentative moments and signal its imminent arrival. Also, it’s time for some elk lovin’. We at Flat Creek Inn know you’re secretly very curious about what goes on during elk rut, so we’re doing the responsible thing and answering all of your questions. First, what ...
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attractive people under arch

The Jackson Hole Antler Arches

Every year, more than 2.6 million visitors pass through Jackson, Wyoming—and according to Instagram, just about every one of them posted a picture of themselves under one of the four iconic antler arches found on the corners of Town Square, formally named George Washington Memorial Park. How much do you know about this must-see Jackson attraction? How old are these arches? The first antler arch was built on the southwest corner of Town Square by ...
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Jackson Hole Wildlife, Part 7: Bighorn Sheep

It's the bighorn sheep's time for the limelight. If the 6th installment in this series was Return of the Jedi, our 7th installment is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—with fewer Horcruxes, but more headbutting. Latin name: Ovis canadensis How big are bighorn sheep? Bighorn sheep are the largest wild sheep in North America, ranging in size from 160 to over 300 pounds, depending on gender. What's up with the "bighorn?" As you may have deduced, ...
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Grand Teton National Park

What it’s Like Visiting Jackson Hole in June 2020

Here's a fun little interview with a traveler who recently went to Jackson Hole. If you're curious what it's like going to Jackson currently (during a pandemic!), here's a little insight from someone who hasn't let that stop her from traveling! *What is your name and where are you from? LeeAnn Cass. Springville, Utah *What made you decide to take a trip to Jackson Hole? I have ways wanted to go! I have been loving ...
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