Clarene Law reunion

Clarene Law: local businesswoman, leader, and friend

It is with great sadness that we recognize the passing of Clarene Law: local businesswoman, leader, and friend. We would be remiss if we let the opportunity pass without offering our words of praise for this pillar in the community.  Clarene Law built one of the biggest lodging businesses in Jackson (with 477 rooms between her various hotels). That didn’t stop her from helping anyone who needed it, even those she might have seen as ...
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7 Tips for Conservation in Jackson Hole

The West—and Jackson Hole is no exception—is home to some of the most stunning scenery on earth: jagged, towering mountains; glimmering rivers and tinkling streams; and unspoiled forests brimming with life. They’re the kinds of sights that fuel dreamers and inspire travelers, the stuff of endless John Muir quotes. Not to get all Pocahontas here, but we can’t really own the wild, not really. When you get down to it, we’re all guests here. So ...
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Q&A: Meet Jeffrey – Flat Creek Inn’s Guest Experience Manager!

Jeffrey "Disco" Wagar Once in a metallic, glittery moon do you have the opportunity to work with someone as loving, funny, and efficient as Jeffrey. He has been a favorite of everyone who works with him and meets him. If you haven't met him yet (and even if you have) you'll enjoy reading through this delightful Q&A. How long have you worked for Flat Creek Inn? I recently enjoyed my 2-year work anniversary here at ...
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Packing and Traveling with Children: Part One

Before we had our daughter, my husband and I were the young, carefree jetsetters casually walking through the airport with one light carry-on and a personal item. We’d grab a bite to eat at some small, overpriced airport coffee shop and peacefully read a book while waiting for our flight. Fast forward a few years and we’re that family toting a car seat, overstuffed diaper bag, and empty stroller while the other spouse dashes off ...
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The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Jackson’s Favorite Family-Owned Motel

The story of Flat Creek Inn is anything but flat. It’s a story full of ups, downs, and more ups. It’s the story of a family, a gas station, a few rough patches, and eventual success. And, with the tenth anniversary of the big comeback of this family-owned motel coming up, it’s a story we’re about to tell you.  The Beginning In the late 1960s, Jerry Bagley, a man with legends as large as Davy ...
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