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The Five Closest National Parks to Jackson Hole: Part Two

Last week we covered the first five closest national parks near Jackson Hole—or within a day's drive, at least. We started with the two nearest parks and ranged a little further out, taking a virtual road trip to some of the most beautiful places the West has to offer. Today we’ll continue our journey with the next five destinations. Buckle up, folks.  Arches, Utah Distance from Jackson: 487 miles via US-6 E Delicate Arch, a ...
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The Five Closest National Parks to Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a gateway to two of America’s greatest and most scenic national parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Here, you can witness nature in its most eye-popping glory, from roaming bison and explosive geysers to jagged mountains that seem to slice open the sky. But those two national parks, treasures as they may be, are far from the only natural gems America has to offer. In fact, there are no fewer than ten national ...
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Hiking in Jackson

Stretching Your Travel Budget

Between last year’s skyrocketing gas prices and a dozen eggs costing as much as a movie ticket, budgets are tight across the board. But just because you can’t afford your daily omelet doesn’t mean you should have to cut out all your spring and summer travel! With a little preparation and research, there are plenty of ways to stretch your travel budget and still have an amazing trip. Prioritize The need to prioritize may seem painfully ...
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Tlaxcala, Mexico

Sister Cities: Jackson Hole and Tlaxcala, Mexico

On December 20, 2021, the Jackson Town Council passed a resolution establishing a sister city relationship with (drumroll, please . . .) Tlaxcala, Mexico. To an outsider, the choice may seem like an odd one, but it’s actually a match made in cowboy heaven. In the late 1980s, two men from Tlaxcala traveled north to pick potatoes near the Teton mountain range. Though they were the first Jacksonians from that region of Mexico, they were ...
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5 Travel Resolutions to Make This Year

With the New Year upon us, many of us have probably been reflecting upon the goals and resolutions we made in 2022, all the progress we did (or didn’t) make, and what we want to achieve this coming year. Instead of going with the same old “binge less Netflix” or “visit a gym periodically,” I’d like to suggest we make travel resolutions that will help us see more, do more, and make more memories.  Use ...
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