Great Wall of China, not far from Jackson Hole

Ever Heard of Jackson Hole, China? You Have Now

If you’re a big fan of the Disney animated classic Mulan but have always wished the titular Chinese heroine spent a little more time hanging out in a saloon drinking whiskey with cowboys, you’re in luck. At at least, that’s the unusual aesthetic you might find if you ever make it to Jackson Hole, China. That’s right—Jackson Hole, China. Less than two hours from the smog-choked skyscrapers of Beijing—and not far from a section of ...
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The Best Restaurants in Jackson Hole, Category by Category

Ever tried a Rocky Mountain oyster? These things are nuts. Looking to plan out your trip to a tee, or already in Jackson and trying to settle a rapidly escalating family debate on where to get dinner? Here’s a quick and easy guide to a few of the best restaurants in Jackson Hole. A word on price: most restaurants in Jackson will run around $10-15 for an entrée. A few places might be a little ...
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Wolves in Yellowstone

The Wolf Yellowstone was founded to protect it's natural, wild beauty. The wolves in Yellowstone, however, have not always been invited to the protected wilderness club. When the Park was first founded, understanding of ecosystems was different, and wolves were considered negative for the health of Yellowstone because they killed other animals. Here's a way to get an idea of wolf size: fox, coyote, wolf. Picture from NPS website. Nearly 140 wolves were killed by ...
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5 Things You Should Know Before You Visit Jackson Hole

If you’re reading this, you’re probably planning a vacation to Jackson Hole. It’s an amazing place, and you’re going to have a blast—but there’s a few things to know that will help you plan a better trip as well as have a better trip while you’re there. I’ve talked to tens of thousands of travelers in Jackson, and over time I’ve homed in on a few things that can help almost anybody make the most ...
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When to Visit Jackson Hole: The Definitive Guide

Jackson Hole’s an incredible place. My family roots are there, and I’ve spent a large portion of my adult life obsessed with the place. During a long stretch in which I devoted far more free time to exploring Grand Teton National Park than to dating, my worried parents joked with a sigh that I was married to Jackson. While I’ve since moved a few hours away, I still visit as often as I can. Part ...
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