A Stay at the Old Faithful Inn

While we’re partial to Flat Creek Inn and Grand Teton National Park, there’s another famous national park in the area you may have heard of named Yellowstone National Park. Much can (and probably will) be said on all there is to do and see in Yellowstone, but today we’re going to take a field trip to my personal favorite park landmark: the Old Faithful Inn. Built between 1903 and 1904 and costing $140,000 (about $4.7 ...
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Hiking Sheep Mountain, Part 2: Tragedy on the Peak

After a beautiful morning hiking Sheep Mountain (aka Sleeping Indian), our band of women started the descent chattering excitedly, full of adrenaline and happy to no longer be going uphill. In a change of atmosphere, we stopped by the scene of a mid-1990s plane crash. And while most of our Flat Creek blog posts have happy endings, this one does not. In August 1996, after spending a vacation in Jackson, Wyoming with President Clinton, a C-130 ...
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Hiking Sheep Mountain: Hard Ascent, Beautiful View

As alarms started buzzing in the early hours of the morning, the five women in our hotel room blearily started rising and making final preparations for our day’s hike. As we drove through sleepy Star Valley towards Jackson, many of us probably wondered what we were getting ourselves into and if it was too late to turn back. Sheep Mountain, locally known as Sleeping Indian (because of its resemblance to a sleeping Native American), lies ...
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7 Great Places to Run in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole has a long, storied history of being a great place to run. In fact, the first thing the trapper Davey Jackson did when he arrived in the valley was lace up his beaver-skin trail running shoes and go for a refreshing run up the mountain. We can’t actually back that up with facts, but we can confirm that Jackson is a great place to run, with a healthy dose of great views, mild ...
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Barn to Be Wild: The Moulton Barn

Take a moment and picture a wide, flat valley. In the distance, the majestic snowcapped Tetons “rise like Olympus over the Serengeti” (thanks, Toto). Silhouetted against this backdrop is a barn, surrounded by the wooden bones of an old pasture. Do you have a clear picture in your mind? Is this what you’re picturing? If not, chances are you’ve still seen it before. Commonly called the Mormon Barn, the Moulton barn is the most famous ...
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