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Bison vs. Buffalo: What’s the Difference?

Image credit: Jack Dykinga You know those big, humped mammals with curved horns? The ones in the picture above? Yeah, those. Some call them bison, and some call them buffalo. Is one right? What’s the difference? Okay, okay—we’ll answer your questions. What is a bison? A bison (bison bison—and yes, that is its Latin name) is the proper name of the animal we’re referring to, scientifically speaking. There are two distinct species of bison: the plains bison and the woods biso...

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The Legend of the Jackalope

Photo by CGB Grey Picture this: You’re hiking along a solitary trail at dusk when suddenly, the bushes rustle. A strange creature bounds into the path, the glow of your flashlight gleaming on the white of its antlers. Its eyes shine up at you, full of mischief, and then—as quickly as it appeared—the creature vanishes into the brush, never again to be seen except in your imagination. You’ve just had an encounter with a jackalope, the great antlered rabbit, one of the West’s f...

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Old West Days Festival in Jackson Hole

Cover photo courtesy of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. Saddle up, partners! Dust off your cowboy boots, grab your Stetsons, and polish those spurs because we're heading straight into the heart of the Wild West with the Old West Days Festival. There are few places on earth where the spirit of the West still lingers, the rugged mountains meet vast plains, and “yee-haw!” and gunslinging showdowns still resonate through the streets. You’ll experience all this and more at the Old ...

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Hotel Near Grand Teton National Park

5 Spring Events in Jackson Hole

Spring has officially sprung in the Cowboy State, and while temperatures can still vary, there really isn’t a better time to visit Jackson. (We like all the seasons equally.) Here are 5 spring events to look forward to (and plan to attend). Click on each heading for more information. Spring into Wellness Weekend Retreat, April 20-21 Feeling like a grizzly emerging from hibernation? Ready to shake off the winter blues and reset for spring? Then this one-of-a-kind wellness experience i...

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Who Was Beaver Dick?

A few miles out of town near Rexburg, Idaho, lies a park that’s popular with college kids in part because of its unusual name. Beaver Dick Park is sure to garner a few snickers, or at least raised eyebrows, from newcomers who don’t realize Beaver Dick was a man. But who was he, and what’s his connection to Jackson Hole? Well, we’ll tell you. It’s tale of adventure, love, tragedy, love again, and more fur pelts than you can shake a stick at.  As you might have guessed, Beave...

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