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The Clock is Ticking on Jackson Hole Fall Attractions

  Looking to avoid the crowds? Fall is your time to visit Jackson Hole. In summer, the roads can be clogged with people making a sunshine excursion to Grand Teton National Park, while the winter brings the hordes attracted by Jackson’s premier slopes. If you’re looking for some breathing room, you’d best come to Jackson now. Like, right now. Grab the keys, throw the kids in the backseat, and leave. There are plenty of Jackson Hole lodging deals during the fall, so you'll be close ...

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Go Geocaching in Jackson Hole!

Everyone secretly has a desire to find a hidden treasure. If you think you don’t, you’re wrong. Somewhere in that subconscious of yours is a burning need to hack through some brush and uncover something glittery. Unfortunately, pirate gold is getting increasingly sparse in the modern age, and no matter how hard you try you probably don’t look as good as Indiana Jones with a whip and fedora. That might explain the appeal of geocaching. Have you experienced this GPS-fueled experience? If...

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The Best Times to Visit Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a great place to visit all year, especially if your recreational interests are varied. (If you’re only into skiing, the summer might not be your thing.) But certain seasons bring challenges and opportunities other seasons don’t. For instance, the best times to visit Jackson Hole are during the early summer and early fall, when the tourist season is just starting or finishing. April through May is great for animal lovers, because that’s the time that mother animals ten...

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Flat Creek Inn at the Ragnar

The Flat Creek Inn, one of the premiere Jackson Hole, WY accommodations, was represented at the finish line of the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay this last weekend. Among the runners in the Ragnar, a 198-mile relay race from Logan to Park City, Utah, were the unfortunately named Tater Trotters, some of whom are shown here wearing their Flat Creek Inn shirts at the finish line. [caption id="attachment_327" align="alignnone" width="480"] Flat Creek Inn was represented at the Ragnar Relay.[/caption]...

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Jackson Hole Hikes: Hidden Falls and Cascade Canyon

Had enough yet of wandering our friendly streets? Jackson Hole summer vacations are more than well-maintained boardwalks and authentic Western flavor. You’ve got to get beyond the city limits and see what nature has to offer. Your summer vacation could probably use a few good hikes. What does Jackson Hole have to offer? Over 4,000 miles of canyons, rock climbing, riverbeds, and trails, ranging from the kind of thing you can bring small children on to the ones that will challenge the most e...

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