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Crazy Good Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride Deal

  One of my earliest memories of Jackson Hole is of the Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride. It was on a beautiful clear winter day just after Christmas. Though my parents had explained what the ride was, my four-year-old mind somehow keyed in on the words “elk” and “ride” and ignored everything else. From the moment we arrived at the National Elk Refuge and I laid my eyes on the majestic elk herd—thousands strong—I could think of nothing else but how awesome it was going to be saddle ...

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Plan Your Jackson Hole Winter Vacation Now

The leaves are just changing colors, and it’ll be a while until the snows begin to fly. The temperature has yet to plunge. And it’s definitely way too early start playing Christmas music. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your Jackson Hole winter vacation now. We’re offering snowmobile packages this year through Scenic Safaris. These trips take you to Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. If you’ve never experienced Yellowstone on the back of a snowmobile, you...

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Jackson Hole Summer Vacations, Flat Creek Inn style

A summer of working at the Flat Creek Inn is long enough to have all kinds of adventures and meet people from all around the globe and all walks of life. With so much to see and do in Jackson, people trying to plan their own Jackson Hole summer vacations frequently ask us what we, the employees, like to do in Jackson during our time off. This is our response.     There's plenty of outdoor adventures to be had, but we caught this particular adventure on video at Phelps La...

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Jackson Hole Vacations – Check Off the Animals on Your List!

When you go to Africa, you’ve got a checklist. You want to see the Big Five: lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, and giraffes. When you come to Yellowstone, you’ve also got a list of all the big animals you want to encounter. You want to see mighty bears in their natural habitat, and definitely not feed them. You want to block traffic as you climb out of your car to photograph bison from a safe distance. You might even want to spot some wolves as they glower at you from the bushes. And of...

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Where Will You Be on July 4?

Where will you be spending your Independence Day? It’s not too early to plan for a Jackson Hole fourth of July. The morning will start with a pancake breakfast from the Jackson Hole Jaycees, who have been serving breakfast since 1977. (The food is brand new, however.) Show up for a hearty breakfast of sausage, eggs, and pancakes. At 10:30, the annual parade will begin on Snow King Avenue. At 6, you have a few choices: you can either enjoy the Music in the Hole festival in Teton Vi...

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