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Thinking About Visiting Jackson Hole? Check Out This Vlog!

The Cox Clan YouTube Channel : Best Things To Do in Jackson Hole Wyoming

YouTube is the best for checking out travel destinations before you go somewhere. It gives you a good feel for if you would like to even go there in the first place, plus it gives great ideas of what to do if you do go!

If you’re thinking about going to Jackson, watch this video! It’s recent (January 2019), and it will give you some great tips for what to do in good ol’ Jackson Hole Wyoming!

Here are the Cox Clan’s Favorite Things to Do in Jackson Hole:

  1. The Virginian Restaurant (They have the best cinnamon rolls!)
  2. Café Genevieve
  3. The Wilcox Art Gallery II
  4. Jackson Drug Co. (Best malts in the world can be found here!)
  5. Yippy I-O Candy Co. (They have yummy, yummy fudge!)
  6. Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride (check out this Stay and Sleigh Special!)
  7. The Jackson Mercantile
  8. Merry Piglets Mexican Café
  9. Visit the Teton Mountains
  10. Ice Skating in Town Square
  11. Take a Picture Under the Arches

And where does the Cox Clan recommend you stay? The Flat Creek Inn of course! Why do they love the Flat Creek Inn? Because of the comfy beds, and the FREE COMPLIMENTARY HOT CHOCOLATE!! It is the best! (Try the cookies and cream flavored hot chocolate! Yum!) And they loved the view of the Elk Refuge from their front door:).

The Cox Clan

We hope to see you at the Flat Creek Inn soon!

(Huge thanks to the Cox Clan for letting us share their video!)

Travel Tips and Tricks

I am a podcast-aholic, and one of my favorite podcasts to listen to is Happier with Gretchen Rubin. I think Gretchen Rubin is brilliant, and she’s also very relatable so it’s always fun to listen to her podcast.


She has a special “Travel Hacks” podcast episode that she recorded back in August where listeners from all over the world chimed in with some of their best tips and tricks for travel. It is chuck full of fabulous ideas to make your traveling experiences even better! I’m going to share a few of my favorite hacks from the episode, but I highly recommend listening to the episode for all of the great tips.



Here are a few of my favorite travel hacks from the podcast:


  1. Order groceries online. I thought this was so smart. Basically, to save money and time, go ahead and order your groceries before your trip or even while you’re traveling. Then just go and pick them up, and voila, your food is taken care of. Then you have more time to enjoy your vacation.
  2. Put a colorful strip of duct tape on all your luggage. That way it’s easy to tell which luggage is yours. Brilliant. (I’ve seen people use ribbons too.)
  3. Pack your nice clothes in a dry cleaner bag. This helps prevent wrinkles. The next time you get something back from the dry cleaners, just save the bag and it’s ready to go for your next trip!
  4. If you’re anxious while traveling, look for ways to be kind to others along the way (like in the airport) to distract yourself from your own traveling stress. So smart!
  5. Keep this advice from Gretchen Rubin in mind:The things that go wrong often make the best memories.” That’s perfect to remember the next time you’re sitting next to the crazy person on the plane, or when you forget your wallet in the hotel room:)


I hope these travel tips and tricks help you next time you come to Jackson Hole!

And, of course, come stay at the Flat Creek Inn while you’re here!







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