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5 Best Things to do in Jackson Hole on a Rainy Day

Rain or shine, there are always fun things to do in Jackson! Here are five ideas of what you can do if it's raining and you still want to have a great time while you're here in Jackson. 1. Visit the Jackson Hole Playhouse This is a theater that has been around in Jackson for years. It is a highlight for everyone who experiences it. Options include watching just the play, or getting dinner along with the show. If you haven't been to the Playhouse yet, now is the perfect time to go! Click he...

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A Hidden Gem in Jackson – Aspen Hill Cemetery

Finding Hidden Gems Every once in a while when people are going about their business, they accidentally stumble upon something else totally unexpected. (For example, the Terracotta Warriors found by a farmer in China who was just digging a well... Or the Rosetta Stone that was accidentally found by French soldiers while building a fort.) Recently, Korinne Nelson (one of the owners of the Flat Creek Inn) went on a nice little walk around the base of Snow King Mountain. On her walk, she happen...

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