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A Hidden Gem in Jackson – Aspen Hill Cemetery

Finding Hidden Gems

Every once in a while when people are going about their business, they accidentally stumble upon something else totally unexpected. (For example, the Terracotta Warriors found by a farmer in China who was just digging a well... Or the Rosetta Stone that was accidentally found by French soldiers while building a fort.) Recently, Korinne Nelson (one of the owners of the Flat Creek Inn) went on a nice little walk around the base of Snow King Mountain. On her walk, she happened upon a beautiful hidden gem of her own – the Aspen Hill Cemetery.

Aspen Hill Cemetery

This isn't your everyday run-of-the-mill cemetery. This is a very old, wild, and mountainous cemetery. It became an official cemetery all the way back in 1920. Locals were already burying their loved ones in that area, so the town counsel decided to go ahead and declare that spot as an official cemetery named Aspen Hill. (I don't know this for a fact, but I'm guessing the name inspiration came from the aspen trees that surround this secluded cemetery.)

There are over 600 people buried there now including many significant people in Jackson Hole's history. One of my favorite citizens buried there is Dr. Charles Huff. He was the first doctor to have a permanent residence in Jackson Hole. He went all over the Jackson valley on his horse taking care of the sick, along with his wife Edna, who was a nurse. Dr. Huff was one of the main influences in getting the first hospital built in the valley. (Interesting side note: the first elevator in Jackson was built in this hospital, but it went so slowly that many babies ended up being born in the elevator instead of in a hospital room!)

Come Check it Out!

Call and schedule your stay at Flat Creek Inn today, and plan to visit this beautiful piece of Jackson Hole history! (Even the Cemetery Detective himself highly recommends checking out this hidden gem of a cemetery!) We do have a special coming up soon: 20% off between Oct. 1, 2018 through May 10, 2019 when you use the promo code "Creek20". Special thanks to Korinne for all of the pictures and map that are included in this post!

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