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A Stroll Through Jackson Hole’s Town Square

A trip to Jackson Hole isn’t complete until you’ve visited the iconic Town Square (also known as the George Washington Memorial Park). It’s a fun experience that you and your family will remember forever.

Jackson Hole Antler Arches

There are arches made out of elk antlers on all four corners of the square. Here is a live stream of one of the antler arches in the Town Square. While you’re there, you’ve got to take a family photo under one of the arches!

Antler arch in Jackson Hole Town Square.
Antler arch.
Educational plaque about the antler arches in Jackson Hole's town square.
Educational plaque about the antler arches.

Inside the Town Square

There are several benches to sit and rest (or people watch!) while you are visiting the Town Square. It’s a great place to have a little picnic, or just stop and enjoy the views.

Here is another live stream of the Town Square.

A view of the Jackson Hole Town Square
A view of the Town Square.
A monument in Jackson Hole's Town Square to honor veterans.
A monument in the Town Square to honor veterans.
A monument to honor the Town Square.
A monument to honor the Town Square.

Shopping Near the Town Square

The Town Square is surrounded on all four sides by stores and restaurants. Everything is very walkable, and it’s fun to window shop and see the unique gifts and items that Jackson Hole has to offer. You can find stores selling western themed jewelry, art galleries, a candy store, clothing stores, and even the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar right next to the Town Square.

Walking around the Jackson Hole Town Square.
Walking around the Town Square.
A bison near the Jackson Hole Town Square.
It was fun to run into this guy while shopping around Town Square.

If you visit the Town Square in the summertime, don’t miss the Town Square Shootout that happens every night at 6pm (Monday through Saturday)!


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Shan’tel Christensen is a mother of 5 and a graduate student. She enjoys strolling through Jackson Hole’s Town Square whenever she gets the chance.

Fun *Free* Family Activity to do in Jackson Hole

Need a fun activity to do with your family while you’re visiting Jackson Hole? Head over to Teton Toys for a fun way to spend some quality time together as a family.

Teton Toys

It’s a little tricky to find the store. It’s located in Jackson Hole square. Follow the signs, walk through the “Lucky You Gifts” store and look for the stairs. Head down the stairs and then you’re there!

The sign for Teton Toys
Teton Toys!
Walking down the stairs to go into Teton Toys
Head down the stairs and you’ll find the store.

Inside the Store

When you walk down the stairs, you will see isles and isles of toys! They also have cute little shopping carts for kids to use as they walk through the store.

Shelves of toys inside Teton Toys.
So. many. toys.
Little shopping carts for kids to use inside Teton Toys.
Cute little shopping carts for kids.
Lots of model cars inside Teton Toys.
Tiny animals inside Teton Toys.
Tiny animals.

Unique and Fun Toys

The awesome thing about Teton Toys is that all of the toys are high quality, and they are fun and unique. There is something for everyone from kids to adults. There are stuffed animals, puzzles, games, crafts, books, Lego sets, and collector’s items.

Plus Pieces inside Teton Toys.
Plus Pieces

There is a whole section of prank toys including this “Dirty Face” soap that looks white but turns dirty when someone tries to use it!

Fun prank toys inside Teton Toys.
Fun prank toys!
Lots of plastic animals to choose from inside Teton Toys.

We could have stayed in this store for hours just looking at all of the unique toys. Teton Toys is a delightful activity for the whole family to enjoy while you’re visiting Jackson Hole.

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Shan’tel Christensen is a mother of 5, a graduate student, and her favorite toy at Teton Toys is the teeny tiny version of the game Boggle.

The One Place You Must Go When You Visit Jackson Hole

There is one store in Jackson Hole that is sure to delight both young and old alike – the Yippy I-O Candy Co. This store is a veritable feast for the eyes just as much as a feast for the belly. Inside you can find every type of candy imaginable. Let’s go take a look!

Inside the Candy Store

The main entrance to the Yippy I-O Candy Co.
The main entrance.

As soon as you walk into the store you will see this darling sign and a stack of little baskets.

The sign inside the Yippy I-O Candy Co. says, "Hep yerself to a baskit"
Hep yerself to a baskit!

You can create your own Pucker Powder with this fun machine!

The Pucker Powder machine in the Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Pucker Powder machine.

Lots of Unique and Fun Items!

There is a whole shelf of “canned” animals. I was too terrified to buy one, but I can imagine it would be an unforgettable experience to try one of these out!

Canned Grizzly Bear inside Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Canned Grizzly Bear…yikes!

There are barrels and barrels of every flavor of taffy that you can think of.

Lots of flavors of taffy inside Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Taffy galore.

There are so many unique items here, including flavored honeys, and candies that I remember eating in my childhood and haven’t seen anywhere since!

A variety of honey and syrup flavors in Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Lots of honey and syrup flavors as well.

Everything in this store is such a fun experience from the wagon wheel lights, to the barrels full of candy, to the old-fashioned candy.

Wagon wheel light fixture inside Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Wagon wheel light.
Giant jaw breaker inside Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Giant jaw breaker.

It’s such a fun sight to see rows of glass jars full of the most delicious and yummy treats! You can literally see stars in people’s eyes when they are walking around this store :).

Rows and rows of candy inside Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Rows and rows of candy.

Don’t Forget the Fudge!

Yippy I-O Candy Co. makes fresh fudge in house. There are 20 different flavors to choose from. Yuuuummmmmm!

Homemade fudge inside Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Yummy fudge.

Our favorite candy from this trip was the Cowtales. They are a delicious caramelly treat.

Cowtales candy from Yippy I-O Candy Co.

Visiting Yippy I-O Candy Co. will be an experience you won’t soon forget. We highly recommend checking this out when you visit Jackson Hole!

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Shan’tel Christensen is a mother of 5, and working on her masters in social work. She has a sweet tooth the size of Texas and thoroughly enjoyed going to Yippi I-O Candy Co.

The 3 Best Kid Stores in Jackson Hole WY!

Teton Toys

Photo via Teton Toys

I’ve never been to Santa’s workshop, but I imagine it probably looks a lot like Teton Toys. This store really is a magical place. Any toy you’ve ever wanted is probably sold there. Teton Toys only has two locations in the world, and I’m lucky enough to have visited both locations! (And they’re both equally great!) We took our kids here and their eyes lit right up. They have a huge assortment of Legos, Melissa and Doug, Fisher-Price, costumes of all kinds, dolls, trains, etc. They are high quality toys that last a long time. They sell a lot of collector’s items. We have a Melissa and Doug wooden music set from Teton Toys and my kids have had a lot of fun playing with it over the last few years.

One of my favorite things about Teton Toys is that they have a fun little play area for kids with lots of fun toys out for them to play with. At the Jackson Hole location they have a train table, a marble tower, a kitchenette with plastic food, Calico Critters set with a house and furniture, etc. Basically my kids could spend hours playing there if I let them! And don’t worry, they have couches for the parents to sit on too! It’s really a perfect spot to take a little break and let your kids play for a while. This truly is a perfect store for kids!


Yippy I-O Candy Company

Photo of Yippy I-O Candy Co. - Jackson, WY, United States
Photo via yelp

If you have never been in this store before, you are in for a real treat (pun intended!)! Every time we go to Jackson, we make sure to stop at Yippy I-O. It’s like walking into the Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory movie! You can find every kind of candy in there. They have salt water taffy, old fashioned candy, hand dipped chocolates, lots of huckleberry flavored items (yum!), caramel popcorn, etc. The best thing there is the fudge, though. You’ve got to try the fudge. Luckily they do give out little samples of any flavor so you can taste test before you take the plunge. We pretty much like all of the fudge flavors. You really can’t go wrong…unless you don’t buy any…that’s definitely wrong;)

Don’t leave without buying a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Seriously. Your kids will get a real kick out of them, I promise! Also, you’ve got to try some of my favorite candy from my childhood…the flavored wax bottles. I don’t know why I like those so much, but it’s just so fun to be able to throw the entire thing in your mouth and chew it! Your kids will love this store. It’s an absolute must see if you visit Jackson Hole. Trust me, you won’t be sorry if you do!


Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree storefront. Your local Party Supplies Store in Jackson, WY.
Photo via Dollar Tree

The reason why I’m adding this store to the list here is because when you are in a tourist town, things can be pretty pricey. This is where the Dollar Tree comes in…because everything is a dollar! You really can’t beat that. This store has all your basic needs, medicines, snacks, toys, etc. This is the perfect place to go if you want to save some money, or if your kids want to buy something that’s actually in their price range! My Grandma, who is the queen of thrifty shopping, says that this is her favorite dollar store of all time, and that’s saying something!


So there you have it. Between these three stores you will be able to find the best toys, the best candy, and the best prices around town, and your kids will love them guaranteed!

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