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Spotlight on Flat Creek’s General Manager: Kyle!

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(Thanks to Kyle's wife, Katie, who helped answer some of these questions!)

Tell us a little about yourself...

Kyle is a great dad to his five kids - they love him dearly and he takes their teasing (especially about his misspelled words on Sunday Boggle game night) with his easy laughter! His oldest is a daughter, who is 20, and attends Paul Mitchell Hair Academy. Next is his son, a graduating senior from high school who turns 18 in June and hopes to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before fall. His almost 15-year-old daughter played for the JV softball team this year and will be a sophomore at Madison High School next year. His fourth child/third daughter is a sweetheart who loves to manage our family and go Saturday night grocery shopping with her dad (she will be turning 12 this summer). And last, but not least, is his almost 9-year-old son who just wants to ride his bike, play all day, and weekend wrestle his dad after working at his side on Saturdays. Kyle’s wife of 20-years says that he is her dearest friend and she couldn’t imagine traveling this planet with anyone but him!


What is your favorite food and favorite movie?

Kyle loves cheesecake and sci-fi movies/shows, but his favorite movie of all time is The Man From Snowy River. He makes The Best Hamburgers (his spoiled wife won’t even eat hamburgers anywhere else) and a delicious pizza (which his kids always ask for every weekend).  

How long have you lived in Jackson Hole and what brought you to Jackson?

Kyle has lived in Jackson almost four years. He wanted to be closer to his family since he was working in Arizona previously.


Where are you from originally?

Kyle was born and raised on a small dairy farm in Spring Lake, Utah.  

Where did you graduate from and what was your major?

Kyle graduated from The College of Denver with a degree in Computer Technology.  

What's your history with Flat Creek Inn and how long have you worked there?

I have been with Flat Creek all four years I have been in Jackson. I was lucky enough to see the job opening and applied here.  

What do you think are the 5 best qualities Flat Creek Inn has to offer?

1) The Location - we have the best views. 2) The family and how they all want the success of the property. 3) The history of the property and owners. 4) Importance of the LDS Church standards being represented. 5) The staff that we have here year round as well as seasonally.  

Do you have any interesting stories that have happened to you while working there?

The effort from everyone that helped us get to #16 on TripAdvisor last year.  

What are some of your favorite things to do in Jackson?

To have my family come up to Jackson and all be together and watch General Conference.  

Thanks for letting us spotlight you, Kyle!

You are a terrific General Manager and we appreciate all that you do for the Flat Creek Inn!

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