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Wash Your Worries Away at Astoria Hot Springs!

*Disclaimer - At the time of writing this, only locals are allowed into Astoria due to Covid-19 restrictions. When it is safe again, it will open to the general public. Check their website for current updates*

[caption id="attachment_2220" align="aligncenter" width="480"] We all love a good hot springs![/caption]

What is Astoria Hot Springs?

It is a beautiful piece of nature that includes three hot spring pools, a children's pool, and a leisure pool for families and groups. The three pools that make up the hot springs are called the Meadow Pool, the River Pool, and the Waterfall Pool. The Waterfall Pool includes a special waterfall that can hit just the right spot to release neck and shoulder tension. All three soaking pools have natural hot water that is full of minerals, beautiful scenic views, and a relaxing atmosphere. It is opening September 11th, 2020!  

Where is it located?

Near Hoback, Wyoming  

What does it look like?

See what it looks like right now by watching this live web camera !  

How hot is the water?

It averages about 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit. [caption id="attachment_2093" align="aligncenter" width="320"] Ahhhhhhhhh![/caption]

How much does it cost?

$14 for adults $10 for children Free for babies under 2  

How far is it from Jackson Hole?

About 26 minutes from downtown Jackson (16.9 miles). About 30 minutes from Flat Creek Inn (18.8 miles).  

Want to know more about the history of Astoria?

This hot springs has a rich and long history here in Wyoming. After being available to the public for many years, it had to be shut down in the late 1990's due to lack of funds and resources. More recently, the Trust for Public Land jumped in and launched a campaign to save the Astoria Hot Springs. After a huge amount of public support and funding it has been reconstructed and is now reopening! They are continuing to develop and preserve the surrounding land and nature areas in an upcoming construction phase so that Astoria Park will last for many years to come. One of our owners here at the Flat Creek Inn has many fond memories of swimming at Astoria Hot Springs as a child, and they are so thrilled it's opening again. Learn more about the history of Astoria by clicking here.  

We are so excited about the reopening of Astoria Hot Springs, and we are crossing our fingers that the general public will be able to visit it soon! (And when you do visit, be sure and stay at the Flat Creek Inn...we hear it's the best deal around!)


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