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Jackson Hole Winter Activities: Snowmobile Trips

20130119_110638 For some, a walk in the wild just isn’t enough. For those people, a snowmobile ride through rugged terrain is more their speed, blowing through snowy meadows before slowing to view the majesty around them. If you’re in the latter camp, we know what you’re looking for in Jackson Hole winter activities. Here are some of he best snowmobile routes around:   Yellowstone National Park Take a guided tour through country that includes Old Faithful. Note that the only time you can take a snowmobile through the park is on a guided tour. The loop goes for about 170 miles roundtrip.   Granite Hot Springs Snowmobile your way to these hot springs, located in Hoback Canyon. Explore 11 miles of Bridger-Teton National Forest, then soak in 105-degree water. The ride is about 30 miles round trip.   Togwotee Pass These trails, located northeast of Jackson, are typically well groomed. Togwotee Pass includes 2.5 million acres of wondrous terrain, including 600 miles of groomed snowmobile trails.   Yellowstone Grand Canyon If you embark on this grand loop in the morning, you’ll reach this amazing geological feature by midday. Check out Upper and Lower Falls on this 122-mile journey.   Gros Ventre Mountains Head west into the Gros Ventre Mountains to get great views of the surrounding countryside. 50 miles roudtrip.   Grey’s River From Star Valley, Wyoming, you can ride this 70-mile roundtrip loop through the Wyoming Range.   A variety of local establishments will rent snowmobiles or offer guide services. If you already have a ride and you’d like to do a bit of exploring yourself, check out these maps here:

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