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7 Romantic Things to do in Jackson Hole for Valentine’s Day 2021

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Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and if you're wondering what fun thing you can do to celebrate with your sweetheart, we've got you covered! Jackson Hole is the perfect place to go to celebrate Valentine's Day. Here are 7 fun, romantic, and exciting things you can do for Valentine's Day this year.

1. Go Ice Skating in Town Square!

https://youtu.be/rLk0MhEu6YE Go ice skating right in the heart of Jackson Hole town square. There are lights, romantic music, and a magical atmosphere. It doesn't get better than this! Skates cost $15 to rent (or bring your own to skate for free!). Hours are 4:30-9:00pm M-F, and noon-9:00pm Saturday and Sunday. Here's their website for more information. Check out this live webcam of Town Square if you want to see what it looks like right now.

2. Have Dinner at The Blue Lion!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="669"] Photo via: The Blue Lion Restaurant[/caption] This restaurant has so many yummy romantic menu options such as French Onion Soup, Buffalo Tenderloin with Huckleberries, and Chicken Frangelico. The Blue Lion has been voted as The #1 Most Romantic Restaurant to eat at in Jackson Hole, so that makes this an excellent Valentine's Day option. There is usually live guitar music playing while you eat, so that's a plus! They are open 5:30PM-9:00pm, every day of the week. Making reservations in advance is recommended!

3. Ride the Aerial Tram!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320"] Photo via www.jacksonhole.com[/caption] The tram is about a 9 minute ride that gives you beautiful views of the Tetons and Jackson Hole. It is one of those experiences that you will always remember. One person on Tripadvisor said:
"TOTALLY worth the money. One of the highlights of our Wyoming trip."-Vaiden T.
Tickets cost around $30 per person, but check their website for current pricing. You can watch a video of what the tram ride looks like here. This would be a fun, romantic ride!

4. Eat Top of the World Waffles at Corbin's Cabin!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="581"] Photo via www.jacksonhole.net[/caption] If you do go on the Tram ride, there is an amazing gourmet waffle place at the top of the mountain that you will love! You've probably never had waffles on a mountain top before so this will be a real treat! The Top of the World Waffles flavors include: lemon glaze, Nutella, peanut butter and bacon (yes, bacon!), and brown sugar butter. Wow. Their hours are 9:00am-3:00pm.

5. Go on a Sleigh Ride!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="586"] Photo via: nersleighrides.com[/caption] There are few things more magical than a sleigh ride. This is no ordinary sleigh ride though, it's a sleigh ride through the Elk Refuge! This means that you will get up close and personal to the mighty elk that live in Jackson during the winter. The sleigh driver will give you lots of facts and great information about the elk as you drive so you can learn as you go. The cost is $27 per adult. They are open from 9:00am-4:00pm daily. The sleigh ride lasts about an hour. See what the Elk Refuge looks like right now on the live webcam. You can see a video of what a sleigh ride looks like here. Dress warm and plan on snuggling up with your sweetheart during this amazing sleigh ride! (We currently have a Stay and Sleigh Special going on right now at the Flat Creek Inn if you are interested!)

6. Eat Dessert at CocoLove!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="218"] Photos via: CocoLove[/caption]   CocoLove is a little restaurant with the most amazing gourmet desserts! Pictured above are the orange pate de fruit with dark chocolate ganache, raspberry pistachio tart, and lavender mousse on pistachio cake. They have so many other amazing options including gelato macaroons, Mexican hot chocolate, and banana french cake to name a few. All of these goodies are created by Chef Ortega who was trained in Italy. He is a highly talented Master Chocolatier. Hours are 9:00am-5:00pm M-F, and 9:00am-4:00pm on Saturdays. This would be a great place to grab a sweet treat to eat with your sweetheart on Valentine's Day!

7. Go Bookstore Hopping

[caption id="attachment_2243" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Photo via: Jackson Hole Book Trader[/caption] Here is a recent blog post we did about the bookstore options in Jackson Hole. Two great options are Valley Bookstore, and Jackson Hole Book Trader. Perusing the shelves and finding a fun book to curl up and read together would be an amazing way to spend Valentine's Day! If you're looking for a good book, we highly recommend the book When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. :) Both of these bookstores are open from 10:00am-6:00pm.  

We hope these ideas will help you plan an amazing Valentine's Day this year! Feel free to come stay at the Flat Creek Inn while you're here. Check out our current specials here.

See you soon, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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