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Virtual Tour of Jackson Hole

The antler arch
Well, it seems like COVID-19 isn't going away anytime soon. So in case you aren't able to come to Jackson Hole in person, here is a virtual field trip just for you! Ready? Let's go!  

We're going to start off at Town Square

Watch a live webcam of town square right now! This is a fun video showing how the famous antler arch was put together. Here is the history of Town Square.  

Next up we'll head to the National Elk Refuge

You can see the National Elk Refuge live right now at this link. Watch an informational video about the Elk Refuge right here.  

Okay, now we're onto the National Museum of Wildlife Art

Click this link to go on a virtual tour of the museum. Here are some facts about the museum.  

Lastly, we'll end with the Jackson Hole Playhouse

Here is a little clip of what it's like at the Playhouse. This is the history of the Playhouse.  

We hope you enjoyed this short virtual tour of Jackson Hole.

Hopefully you are staying safe and healthy!

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