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It’s time to fish in Jackson Hole

What is it about fishing that has people everywhere getting out to cast their flies and lures into the water? Whether you enjoy the primal feeling that comes from an ever-so-brief conquest of nature or merely the serenity of time spent in the wild, we’ve got you covered. We’ve consulted our resident fly fishing expert for some relevant tips for enjoying this area’s natural aquatic bounties.

August 1 was the opening of Flat Creek, our namesake creek across from the motel. It’s one of the best fisheries in the Jackson Hole area and western Wyoming. Park at the motel and walk right across to get there. You’ll find the cutthroat there are pretty wary, but they can get up to 22 inches, so they’re worth the pursuit.

Grasshoppers are starting to become active this time a year, so it’s a prime season for hopper fly fishing in all the rivers and streams in the area—from Flat Creek to the banks of the Snake River and nearly any stream in Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Parks. Ants will work as well.

There can be be a lot of traffic elsewhere, which means late summer is a great time to explore the high country. Streams get a little warm in the lowlands and the fish fall into a lethargic state, but if you get off the beaten path and hike upstream to a mountain lake you’ll find water that’s just right for fish that are just aching to bite your fly as it whips across the surface of the water.

And don’t forget to make Flat Creek Inn your base camp for whatever Jackson Hole summer adventure or fishing trip you have planned. See you in on water!


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