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The Best Times to Visit Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a great place to visit all year, especially if your recreational interests are varied. (If you’re only into skiing, the summer might not be your thing.) But certain seasons bring challenges and opportunities other seasons don’t. Tetons For instance, the best times to visit Jackson Hole are during the early summer and early fall, when the tourist season is just starting or finishing. April through May is great for animal lovers, because that’s the time that mother animals tend to pop out of hibernation, take furtive looks around, and take their young to animal preschool before heading off to animal zumba, or whatever it is that animals do after they stop hibernating. Spring also brings rain, which may necessitate choosing lodging in Jackson Hole that you’re willing to spend long hours in. From June to August, tourists come to Jackson in a deluge, spilling into Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, both of which are fully open. Prices and heat climb. Despite this, there’s a reason all of those people want to come here. Enjoy hiking, watching wildlife, and everything the verdant mountains of the area have to offer, all of which look great in the summer sun. September brings the first signs of autumn and unique photo opportunities as the leaves begin to change. You might have the trails to yourself, leaving the faint of heart to cower back home, if you’re willing to endure a little bit of chilly weather. Because the Jackson Hole lodgings are stuck in limbo between the busy summer and winter seasons, their prices drop. And then of course there’s the winter. Expect the same prices and crowds of the winter, with the former now bundled up in those ubiquitous puffy Patagonia coats, but there’s no better winter sporting anywhere. Thus, your ideal to visit Jackson depends on your tolerance for the weather, the extent of your willingness to part with your money, and your desire for privacy. It also depends on your preference of activities. With a little planning and luck, you can hit Jackson right at the spot where your favorite activities and favorite conditions coincide.

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