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My wife and I biking in front of a hill.

From Flat Creek to Teton Village: Cycling Jackson Hole

Over Easter weekend, my wife and I took a few days to stay in Jackson Hole. It’s the off-season, so Jackson was free of the usual state of siege by fellow vacationers, leaving us plenty of room to do our thing. Our thing this weekend, we had decided, was cycling from Jackson to Teton Village.  As the weekend drew near, we monitored the weather forecast, watching the storm clouds gathered and considering that we just might need to find an alternate activity, like staying indoors...

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Jackson Hole Tram

A summertime view of Jackson’s ski paradise

The air is finally getting cooler and skiers and snowboarders are starting to get excited for ski season.  According to some, there’s no better place to ski than Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. As Forbes.com puts it, “Jackson Hole is to skiing what the Patriots are to the NFL. You take away the copious snowfall and you’re still left with the best fall lines and terrain.” The website frequently crowns Jackson Hole Mountain Resort the #1 resort in North America. Personally, I can’t th...

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Grand Teton National Park

The story behind our latest video of Grand Teton National Park and Flat Creek Inn

[As you may know Flat Creek Inn is a family owned and operated business and each member of our family has had something to contribute to the success of our motel. Recently 3 family members--all teenagers--created a new video, shown below, and here are the details behind it written by one of the creators, Landon Bagley. Check out their YouTube channel here.] Most 15 year olds plan on spending their summer making their fortune off of doing yard work for their neighbors, but not us.  My cousi...

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Jackson Hole Motel-Stay and Sleigh Special

Flat Creek Inn is a Jackson Hole Motel with awesome packages. One of our favorite packages this Winter is our "Stay and Sleigh Special" that includes a 1 night stay, 4 breakfast items and 2 tickets for the sleigh-ride. All for only $97.00! The sleigh ride takes you among an elk herd numbering in the thousands at the National Elk Refuge. The Elk Refuge is located right across the highway from the Flat Creek Inn which is the Jackson Hole motel with the best value. This adventure is available...

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