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Spend Your Valentine’s Day at one of the Jackson Hole’s most romantic motels

A romantic winter vista in Jackson Hole.

By Ryan Kunz

Jackson Hole has a long history as a simmering hotbed of romance and passion. In fact, the name "Jackson Hole" comes from an old Indian word for “ideal couples’ retreat.” Not only that, but scholars estimate that seventy percent of all romance novels—the kind with covers depicting swooning women in corsets locked in a passionate embrace with strapping, square-jawed men—are set in Jackson.

You didn’t know that? Well, that’s because we made both facts up. But that doesn’t mean Jackson isn’t a great place to bring people closer together. You’ll discover its aphrodisiac appeal for yourself when you spend Valentine’s Day here, courtesy of our special Romance Package.

We at Flat Creek Inn had that open spot on your calendar in mind when we came up with our deal, but you can take advantage of our generosity any day you feel like taking your romance up a few notches. Dine at the finest establishments Jackson has to offer, then snuggle in with that special someone while watching sun rise over the elk refuge. Or use our motel as a base camp while you abscond into the wilderness for some special quality time. Here are the specifics: 

• $99

• one-night stay in standard room (king or double queen-sized bed)

• $40 gift certificate to one of the following restaurants: Merry Piglets, Liberty Burger, Sidewinders American Grill, Bubba’s BBQ, Noodle Kitchen, Artisan Pizza Italian Kitchen. Ask any local and they’ll tell you these are paragons of the culinary excellence you would expect in a town like Jackson. 

Book your stay today! That special someone in your life will be glad you did—and so will you.

[caption id="attachment_1247" align="alignnone" width="480"]A romantic winter vista in Jackson Hole. Looks pretty romantic, right?[/caption]

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