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Patsy’s Pumpkin Bread–Jessica

Patsy's Pumpkin Bread
This is one of my favorite fall traditions from my wonderful mom, the owner of Flat Creek Inn. Please enjoy one of our family favorites. It is actually framed and hanging up in my kitchen!

Pumpkin Bread

“I discovered this recipe at a Relief Society homemaking night in Davis, California, in 1964. I have made it and shared it every year since. It has been our family’s favorite!”      Patsy Bagley Brunson

10360546_267826860070727_8766436032550735212_n      6 eggs                                                                                    1 ½ tsp. cinnamon      1 cup oil                                                                                   1 ½ tsp. ginger      4 cups sugar                                                                            ¾ tsp. cloves      3 cups canned pumpkin                                                          2 ¼ tsp. salt      1 cup warm water                                                                    5 cups flour      3 tsp. soda      ¾ tsp. baking powder          *note from Jessica—add chocolate chips and it’s even better! Dissolve soda in warm water. Add to eggs, oil, sugar and pumpkin. Mix together dry ingredients and add. Mix all well. Pour into greased loaf pans and bake at 350 for 1 hour. Cool in pans 10 min before removing. Enjoy!  --Jessica IMG_20141022_092054939    

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