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The History of Our Motels in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Among all of the motels in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Flat Creek Inn has one of the most unique histories. Jerry and Patsy (my dad and mom) got married in 1962 and shortly after, moved to Jackson Hole so Jerry could run his uncle Osborn Call's Maverick gas station. In 1968, Jerry and Patsy Bagley were able to buy some land a mile north of Jackson Hole and build their own gas station and fireworks stand on it. Fireworks soon became the family’s main livelihood. fire Next, they built a log home just up the mountain from the business. house In this home, Jerry and Patsy raised six children. I am the youngest and the cutest. Untitled The gas station and fireworks fed the family for two decades. All of the Bagley kids grew up learning to work by bagging ice at the gas station and selling fireworks at the stand (all of the Bagley kids except for me, of course. Since I was the youngest and the cutest I never had to work). In the background you can see Eric and Trisha working. In the foreground you can see me not working with my sister Chelsea. sneaker In the late 1980s, fireworks were banned in Jackson. After exploring the idea of putting a mini golf course on the property (which the city vetoed), the Bagleys decided to lease the land to some people who built a motel. Jerry and Patsy retired and moved away. A couple decades later, after Jerry had passed away, Patsy found herself owning the Flat Creek Motel again. Working together and using the talents of every member in the family, the motel was cleaned, repainted, refurbished, and updated. motel My family is proud of our heritage, and of our “new” family business. There is truly no place like Jackson Hole, and there is no better view in Jackson than the view from the 75 rooms in Flat Creek Inn. Waking up to see the elk grazing on the Refuge and the mist rising off the Sleeping Indian mountain, it is easy for one to see why this place is so important to us. So come check out the improvements we’ve made at Flat Creek Inn. From our family to yours, Jessica Bagley Heath still and forever the youngest and cutest Untitled

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  1. Thanks for this history and pictures–have always been interested in the origins of Flat Creek. We love your family’s sense of humor. Flat Creek was always our lodging of choice when we were a young family taking our kids to the parks. Beautiful spot, welcoming hosts, and the fascinating elk refuge.

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