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Looking for a good book during your Jackson Hole stay?

Part of the appeal of Jackson Hole and the surrounding area, including Yellowstone National Park, is the rich history that permeates every locale. No trip through the area is complete without at least a brief education about events that occurred here in the past—from the Native Americans of the distant past to Lewis and Clark and the fur traders and beyond.
If you’re looking for a special history lesson you won’t get anywhere else, look no further thanThe First Known Man in Yellowstone, by Jerry Bagley. Conveniently, this book is located in our store.
It began as a labor of love. Jerry Bagley was always an eager student of history, and he tenaciously pursued the truth about the early fur traders and explorers in Yellowstone for his master’s degree in Western American History. He uncovered a little-known tale of a trapper named Daniel Trotter Potts, postulating that Potts was in fact the first white man to explore Yellowstone. This came as a surprise to much of the historical community, who had long ago awarded John Colter with that honor. Potts’ writings detailed harrowing accounts of Rocky Mountain adventures, as well as fascinating descriptions of natural wonders.
Jerry eventually published his master’s thesis as The First Known Man in Yellowstone. A few years later, he tragically passed away. His grandson fixed up a few typographical issues and re-published the book in a spiffy new edition.
Now the book is available in many bookstores across the country, including the Flat Creek Inn convenience store. So if you’re worn out from a long day enjoying Jackson Hole’s sights, it might be time grab a good book and experience history as it’s never been told before.

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