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Looking for Cheap, Clean Jackson Hole Hotels or Motels?

Jackson Hole has a way of reaching into your pockets and plucking out your hard-earned cash bill by bill. It’s not that our wonderful town is out to get you or anything; on the contrary, you’ll find Jackson to an accommodating, welcome place to stay for a weekend or for good. It’s more that there are so many great things to do here, and a lot of them require you to hand over some paper with little pictures of dead presidents on them in order to get the full experience. You’ll find great shopping, for instance, and plenty of authentic cuisine—homegrown and otherwise. Don’t forget about the tours, shootouts, and other cultural and natural activities waiting to fill your schedule while you’re venturing into the explorer’s paradise we call home.
What if we told you we had a way to help you have more to spend on all the great things Jackson has to offer? That’s right. We have a little secret for you—stay with us, and you’ll have lots of leftover green to blow on discounted name-brand jackets, kayaking trips, steak, or some kind of souvenir T-shirt with a cartoon moose on it. You know what you want.
Flat Creek Inn is among the most affordable of the Jackson Hole lodgings, and it’s the closest to Grand Teton National Park. We nearly always have some sort of deal going on to help you spend less on all that Jackson Hole has to offer. Right now we have Big King Passes that we are selling at a discount to our guests--$10 off the retail price. These passes will give you a one-day pass to the Cowboy Coaster, mini-golf, alpine slide, bungee trampoline, and scenic chairlift, and one tour on the Treetop Adventure at Snow King Mountain.
How are you going to spend your hard-earned, well-saved money? With our help, you can buy all the cartoon moose T-shirts your little tourist heart desires.
If you’re searching for friendly, cheap Jackson Hole hotels and motels, find a place where the reviews are positive and the beds and clean. Welcome to Flat Creek Inn.  Call 307-733-5276 to book your room and reserve your Big King Passes.
The Treetop Adventure is just one of the attractions you'll have money for after you stay at Flat Creek.

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