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Where do the locals eat in Jackson?

[caption id="attachment_1212" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Huge cinnamon roll at the Virginian.[/caption]

Want to know where the locals eat in Jackson? I just did a poll of Flat Creek Inn employees and here's the list we came up with. (Price estimates are from Trip Advisor):


Pinky G's $

Sidewinders $$ (get the pizza and pretzels)


Teton Thai $$-$$$


The Bunnery $$-$$$

Pearl Street Bagel $


Chinatown  $$-$$$


The Blue Lion $$$$


New York Sub Shop $

The Virginian $$-$$$(get the cinnamon roll for breakfast)

The Lift $$-$$$

Spur Bar $$-$$$ in Moose (not so much for the food, but for eating on roof under the shadow of the Tetons)

Macphail's Burgers $$-$$$


El Abuelitos $$-$$$

Merry Piglets  II $$-$$$


We hope this list helps you to eat like a Jackson local!

Jessica Heath

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