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Jessica’s Jackson Favorites #3 The Playhouse Theater


Someone took the rowdy old west, wrapped it up in some velvety theater drapes, and put it on a stage in Jackson Hole.  Walk into the Jackson Hole Playhouse and you’ll find buttery popcorn, old time piano music, robust harmonies, boisterous humor, and a riotous, foot-stomping time.  The Playhouse provides first class talent in the oldest framed building in Jackson Hole, built in 1916. When I walk into this building, even the smell of it reminds me of my childhood.  It is owned and operated by the most dynamic family I have ever known.  The Garnick family is broadway talent crossed with real Wyoming cowboys.   From thier website:  “Vicki and Cameron Garnick and their family of eight children have starred, directed, and produced theater in the Playhouse since 1980. Today, performances are presented to over 30,000 people each summer.”  This summer they will be showing Paint your wagon from May 31 to Oct 4th.  Here is a taste of Annie Get Your Gun from a previous year.  For a taste of the Playhouse from a previous year, watch this opener from Annie Get Your Gun.


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