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Jackson Hole summer vacations: The Playhouse Theater

The Jackson Hole Playhouse has a special place in my heart. Growing up, my playmates were the Garnick girls. The Garnicks are the family behind the magic of the Playhouse and they are dynamic and exciting people. In addition putting on great theatrical productions, they live on a dude ranch. Their theater/cowboy background made for imaginative childhood playmates. We did a lot of dress up, acting, and adventure. Here we are as pioneers getting ready to "walk across the plains" of their Wyoming ranch. 1933874_134772651009_2122233_n And here we are as multi-cultural princesses. 1933874_134772671009_1176084_n The Garnicks and the Playhouse provided my childhood with a lot of fun musical and theatrical memories. I'd like to invite you to come enjoy the Garnicks' Jackson Hole tradition. This summer the Playhouse is putting on "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." From the first booming: "Bless your beautiful hide!" to the cowboy-spinning, axe-swinging, "I'm a lonesome pole cat," you'll find boisterous talent in authentic old west atmosphere.  Even the building is old west--originally constructed in 1916, the Jackson Hole Playhouse is the oldest framed building in Jackson Hole. So smell the buttery popcorn, sit on the antique velvet lobby chair, and enjoy this exciting event to add to your Jackson Hole summer vacations. Here is a taste of their talent from last year. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTHWqCWNpMI[/embed] I hope this summer you will come to Jackson, enjoy the Garnicks' show, and stay in our motel! by Jessica Bagley Heath

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