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How to impress at a Christmas Potluck-by Jessica

Occasionally, we like to use this blog to share recipes that have some connection to Jackson Hole. This recipe is from long-time Jackson Hole resident Larry Wilde who owned a successful business in Jackson called Creekside Deli. Larry shared his love of cooking with residents and tourists and this recipe is a delightful sample from his collection. In my past life, I put little or no thought into what I brought to potlucks.   And consequently whatever I brought to potlucks was left untouched on the potluck table. However, recently I have developed great interest in taking pride in creating delicious food. So last week when I went to a Christmas potluck, I took great care to make something good.  I made this: .IMG_20141220_142358273 So I brought this dish to the party. At the end of the party, I went to the table to retrieve my dish. To my delight, the bowl was scraped clean. This dip is DELICIOUS. You might gain 5 pounds in one day and it is totally worth it. You need that extra fat for the wintertime anyway so you don’t get too cold. Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip By Jessica Bagley Heath

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