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Hula Hooping on Top of the Tetons! {VIDEO!}

Ryan Mertaugh is not your average guy. He has done something not many others have ever done. He hula hooped on the top of the Teton Mountain Range. So cool! Check out his hula hooping adventures in the video below:


"I'm on the summit! I'm hooping and I'm happy!



Life Lessons Learned from Hula Hooping (and Ryan Mertaugh):

-Hooping adds excitement to life -It's an icebreaker with people -Hula hooping makes people smile -Hooping keeps people from being too serious -It's a great medium to connect with people -Hooping helps you take a weight off your shoulders -It helps you enjoy life to the fullest


If YOU are feeling inspired to try out hula hooping on top of the Tetons now, we challenge you to go for it! (And feel free to stay at the Flat Creek Inn while you're in the area!)


I'm going to end this post with this question from Ryan Mertaugh:

"How long has it been since you hooped?"


And BIG thanks to Madie from Made By Madie Films for letting us share this video!

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