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How to Sleep Like a Baby…Even When You’re Traveling

Sleep is one of those things that can be pretty tricky sometimes...especially when you're away from the comfort of your own cozy bed. Over the years I've learned some pretty helpful sleep hacks that I'm going to share with you! (Trust me, I know from experience that these hacks really help!)

Travel Sleep Hacks:

  1. Turn your phone off at night. Yep, just turn it off. Trust me on this one, you will sleep SO much better if your phone is turned OFF. Even better, turn your phone off an hour before you are going to go to bed. Leave your phone in another room if you can. If you need an alarm, just use the one the hotel provides.
  2. Use a white noise machine. I bought a small white noise machine online that I always pack with us and take wherever we go. I know there are white noise apps you can use too...but, using my phone at night goes against my first tip;). So I recommend just buying a small white noise machine. It doesn't take up much room in your suitcase. This is great because it blocks out all the extra noise going on around you and keeps things quiet in your room. (If I'm at home, I just use a fan for white noise.)
  3. Wear an eye mask. If I'm somewhere where the light is really bright, I put on an eye mask, or I sleep with a pillow strategically over my eyes to block out the light.
  4. Bring your own pillow. If I'm traveling somewhere by car, I always bring my own pillow. For some reason I always sleep better on my pillow verses any other pillow. So, if there's room in the car, I recommend bringing your favorite pillow with you.
  5. Have a simple bedtime mindfulness routine. As soon as I lay down in bed, this is the routine I follow:
  • Calm your mind: wipe your mind clean from all thoughts. I just repeat 'calm your mind' several times to myself and try to stop thinking about anything, positive or negative.
  • Relax your body: do a body scan and see where you are holding any tension. (For me, it's usually in my neck and shoulders.) Then relax each of those areas.
  • Breathe: just focus on slowing your breathing down.

After following these tips, I guarantee you will be sleeping like a baby in no time! Try it out and tell me how it goes!

And come sleep in one of our cozy beds here at the Flat Creek Inn!

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