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Happy New Year from the Bagley Family!

Happy 2019! We hope that it's been good so far!

This is how we, the Bagley Family, usually bring in the New Year.

New Years Eve

We start off with everyone traveling from near and far to join together in freezing cold Wyoming. (Just for the record, it was -26 degrees outside this year! Brrrr!)

Jerry and Patsy Bagley have 7 children, 27 grandchildren (and growing!), and 7 great-grandchildren (and growing!)! It's quite the group!

We kick off our New Year's Eve with a pot luck dinner and then we jump right into the grandkid talent show! (By the way, this is a tradition that we've been doing for 16 years now!)

Grandkid Ryan, and his wife Breanne, singing an original song (hear audio below!) :)
"The Ballad of Jerry Bagley"

Every year we have some great talents. I should actually say "talents"! Pretty much anything counts as a talent in our family. Some favorites this year were hula hooping, showing of dental teeth, piano songs, singing, and counting (from 2 year old Lydia)!

Then we end the talent show by singing our family song "The Lord is My Shepherd." (Here is a recording of some of us singing it a few years ago, if you're interested in hearing it!)


After the talent show comes the games!

Then comes the epic marshmallow gun war!

Then we bring in the New Year with more food, games, and fireworks!

New Years Day

The next morning we start off with a yummy breakfast of buttermilk scones (recipe coming to the blog soon)!

Then there is the annual Bagley Family meeting, where the adults discuss Flat Creek Inn & Mart and ideas to improve it. Everyone contributes to the success of the business.

We hope 2019 is a wonderful year for everyone! Be sure and put "visit Jackson Hole and stay at the Flat Creek Inn" on your calendar for 2019!

See you soon! And Happy New Year!

-From The Bagley Family

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