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Giving Mother Nature a Hand

Jackson Hole is known for its pristine mountain scenery. Rugged mountains, trickling brooks, and vast open spaces all make for some pretty great views. But do you think all that just happens by itself? Well . . . yes. It does. Unlike many beautiful things, nature requires absolutely no help from human beings to keep on looking great. In fact, you’ll notice it tends to look pretty when we stay out of its way. Occasionally, however, we can touch up nature a bit—if we’re the reason it needs a bit of a nip or tuck in the first place. Such is the case with litter cleanup. One of the best places for lodging in Jackson Hole, as we’re about to reveal in this blatantly self-promotional blog post, has officially adopted the section of highway out front. But seriously, the owners of Flat Creek are Jackson natives, and we know that with great natural beauty comes great responsibility. We want to preserve the natural beauty that helps make this place great. You’re welcome to help in this effort—be conscientious of your impact on the environment, and help clean up when you get the chance. Just pretend the next sunset is Mother Nature’s way of thanking you.
Yup, we're cleaning up the highway.
Yup, we're cleaning up the highway.

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