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9 Completely Free Things to do in Jackson Hole (that are fun!) 2021

We get it, traveling and lodging can be super expensive. You want to get out and have fun but your budget is limited. Well no fear, we’ve got some great ideas for you so that you can still experience the wonder of Jackson Hole without spending a dime! 1. Watch the Shootout in Town Square…
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3 Fun Books about Yellowstone (For Kids!)

Are you planning a trip to Yellowstone anytime soon? Do your kids even know what Yellowstone is? Here are 3 awesome books to get your kids excited about Yellowstone!   Book #1: Yellowstone National Park by Megan Cooley Peterson This book was published in 2019 so it’s current, which is always great. It gives the…
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Hula Hooping on Top of the Tetons! {VIDEO!}

Ryan Mertaugh is not your average guy. He has done something not many others have ever done. He hula hooped on the top of the Teton Mountain Range. So cool! Check out his hula hooping adventures in the video below: “I’m on the summit! I’m hooping and I’m happy! -Ryan   Life Lessons Learned from Hula…
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What’s so Fine about Highway 89??

*What is Highway 89? It’s a unique highway on the western side of the United States. It runs north and south, almost from border to border. National Geographic calls it “The #1 Drivers’ Drive in the World.” *What else is Highway 89 called? US Route 89 The National Park Highway Fabulous Boulevard of National Parks…
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Experience Jackson Vlog Style!

Have you been thinking about visiting Jackson Hole but you just aren’t sure if you really want to or not? Let me help you out. I’ve been rounding up some of the best Jackson Hole vlogs on the Internet so that you can experience Jackson from the perspective of other regular folks who have visited…
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Free Family Fun in Jackson Hole Wyoming!

Every summer for the last few years my little family has gone to visit Jackson Hole. We love going there because of the fun atmosphere, the extreme beauty, and also all of the fun things you can do as a family…for FREE! (We’re all about cheap or free fun in our family;). Let me share…
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