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Elking It Up in Jackson Hole


The National Elk Refuge

This is a protected place in Jackson Hole where the local Elk can migrate and survive during the winter months.  

See the Elk Refuge LIVE Right Now on Our World Famous Webcam:


Location of the Elk Refuge

675 E Broadway Ave Jackson, Wyoming (Right across from the Flat Creek Inn!)

The Best Time of Year to See the Elk

Winter time. The Elk are elsewhere during the other parts of the year, and then in the late fall they start migrating to the Jackson Elk Refuge location and they stay till early spring.  

The Cost

It's free to drive or walk along the Refuge Road. You can also see the Elk by going on a sleigh ride through the refuge. These Winter sleigh rides last about 1 hour and are available for purchase here. -OR- The Flat Creek Inn has a Stay and Sleigh Special offered every winter. Stay at the Flat Creek Inn and get a special deal on a sleigh ride through the Elk Refuge! Stay tuned to the Flat Creek Facebook page to be the first to know when that special becomes available! This is a magical opportunity you won't want to miss this winter! (It would make a great Christmas gift...hint, hint!) [caption id="attachment_1650" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Sleigh Ride! Bundle up - it's cold![/caption]

How Many Elk You Can Expect to See

Anywhere from 5,000-7,000.

Cool Facts About Elk

-Elk have about a 15-20 year lifespan. -They are mostly found in North America and Asia. -They eat vegetation. -Elk meat can be eaten (although it's not highly produced), and it has more protein in it than chicken, beef, or pork. -Females typically have 1, sometimes 2 babies during their lifespan. -Gestation for elk babies is about 8 and 1/2 months. -Elk are also sometimes referred to as Wapiti, which is a Native American word for "white rump."  

Other Animals on the Elk Refuge

If you're lucky, you might also see Bald Eagles, Bighorn Sheep, Wolves, Swans, and Bison.   [caption id="attachment_1420" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Elk Antler Arches in downtown Jackson[/caption]

Let's Talk About Antlers

The elk shed about 6,000-9,000 pounds each year on the Elk Refuge. In the spring, the National Elk Refuge staff and the Jackson Boy Scouts collect the antlers and sell them at the ElkFest. ElkFest is always held the weekend before Memorial Day in May. It is illegal (poaching!) to go grab antlers on your own - you must purchase them. And in case you didn't know, the famous arches in downtown Jackson are, of course, made from Elk antlers!  

Here's a YouTube video of Boy Scouts collecting antlers:


The Flat Creek Inn is the perfect place to stay while you check out the Elk Refuge this winter!

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