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Don’t be a tourist, be a guest! Jessica’s Jackson Favorites

a512242758_176526_5412 My name is Jessica, and I grew up right behind the Flat Creek Inn.  I feel lucky to have grown up in Jackson Hole, a place thousands of people visit every year.  I remember one summer, my sister and I sat on the lawn in front of the motel and watched the cars drive by on the highway and kept track of all the states represented on license plates.  We saw a car from every US state except Rhode Island! One of my favorite pastimes is traveling, but I hate tourist traps and crowds.  When I travel, I look for off-the beaten-path spots where I can enjoy the real local stuff, instead of the hokey tourist traps.  Of course there are some touristy spots that are must-sees, but I like to find ways to navigate them as painlessly as possible.  I want to help you do this as well, in my hometown of Jackson Hole. This blog has multiple writers, but when I post it will be part of a series, called “Don’t be a tourist, be a guest!  Jessica’s Jackson Favorites.” Jessica’s Jackson Favorites #1 bike One of my favorite places I have ever gone road biking was in Grand Teton National Park.  Early spring is a great time to tour the park on a road bike, because there are less motorists than in the summer.  It is thrilling to take in the vista of the Tetons from your bike instead of a car.  Obviously this activity is subject to the current weather, so check with the park for details on when and where you can ride: 307-739-3399.

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