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Day One: Bar J Wranglers

My husband and I just returned from a little vacation in the Jackson Hole area. Here are my tips for a great Jackson vacation, day by day. DAY ONE: On the afternoon of our first day, we arrived in Jackson and that evening went to the Bar J Wranglers. I LOVE the Bar J Wranglers show. People line up early in the afternoon to get the closest seats, but the gates open at 5:30. Thankfully, my stepdad was willing to wait there since 1 PM, so we got front row seats. But I'm sure the show would be enjoyable in any seat! bar j This is a dinner show with 5 cowboys. I clapped so hard my hands hurt. I loved the bass singer and the fiddle player the most. And the upright bass player who yodels. And the stone-faced banjo player. I love them all! Each of them is talented enough to be a soloist, and together, they are so entertaining and funny. The food is good enough, considering they feed 500 people in an extremely efficient timeframe. They have the whole thing down to a science. Cost for dinner and show: starting at $27-35 (depending on what food you order) per person. $12 for kids. For more information, visit the Bar J Wranglers website. Below is my favorite song they sing: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSrxhmcfMU0[/embed] That night, we stayed at the Flat Creek Inn (of course). Stay tuned for DAY 2! -Jed and Jessica Heath_04

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