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Crazy Good Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride Deal

  One of my earliest memories of Jackson Hole is of the Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride. It was on a beautiful clear winter day just after Christmas. Though my parents had explained what the ride was, my four-year-old mind somehow keyed in on the words “elk” and “ride” and ignored everything else. From the moment we arrived at the National Elk Refuge and I laid my eyes on the majestic elk herd—thousands strong—I could think of nothing else but how awesome it was going to be saddle up on one of those bad boys and ride off into the wintry sunset. It was with the gravest disappoint that my four-year-old self was informed that you do not, in fact, get to ride the elk on the Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride. The truth, however, was only slightly less awesome. The Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride is one of Jackson's most iconic wintertime activities. Led by experienced guides who are extremely knowledgeable about the area and very familiar with the animals, the horse-drawn sleigh ride takes you out onto the National Elk Refuge within a literal stone’s throw of Jackson’s resident herd of 8,000+ elk. Blankets are provided, and the ride gives gorgeous views of the Elk Refuge and surrounding mountains. The elk refuge, which turns 102 this year, is located less than two miles outside of Jackson and is the perfect destination for your (insert phrase here). Sleigh rides begin December 15th. This year, Flat Creek Inn is excited to help you kick off your trip with our limited-time combo package. For $84.00, receive two tickets for the sleigh ride as well as one night’s stay at Flat Creek Inn and four breakfast items from the convenience store located on-site*. This is a killer deal as each sleigh ride ticket alone costs $20 regularly. For more information about the Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride, visit https://www.bart5.com/bar-t-5,_inc_-_covrd_wgn_ckout_home_page_014.htm. *Depends on double occupancy.
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