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5 Spring Events in Jackson Hole

Spring has officially sprung in the Cowboy State, and while temperatures can still vary, there really isn’t a better time to visit Jackson. (We like all the seasons equally.) Here are 5 spring events to look forward to (and plan to attend). Click on each heading for more information. Spring into Wellness Weekend Retreat, April 20-21 Feeling like a grizzly emerging from hibernation? Ready to shake off the winter blues and reset for spring? Then this one-of-a-kind wellness experience i...

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Who Was Beaver Dick?

A few miles out of town near Rexburg, Idaho, lies a park that’s popular with college kids in part because of its unusual name. Beaver Dick Park is sure to garner a few snickers, or at least raised eyebrows, from newcomers who don’t realize Beaver Dick was a man. But who was he, and what’s his connection to Jackson Hole? Well, we’ll tell you. It’s tale of adventure, love, tragedy, love again, and more fur pelts than you can shake a stick at.  As you might have guessed, Beave...

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Wildflowers of Grand Teton

As the weather begins to warm, all sorts of wildflowers start to poke their heads above the snow. Though we’re still a few months from prime wildflower season, now’s the time to start planning the trip to see them. Here are a few of the most common Jackson Hole wildflowers you’re likely to encounter this summer: Alpine Forget-me-not Eritrichium nanum Appearance: This sweet wildflower boasts azure petals and a bright yellow center, making it a sight for sore eyes after a grueli...

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Celebrities in Jackson Hole

With its wide open spaces and low income taxes, Jackson Hole is the place to be. There’s just the pesky little fact that the median home price these days is $2.65 million. Maybe that’s why A-listers move here in droves. Who knows—maybe you’ll meet a few around town? Here are just a few of the celebrities in Jackson Hole you might meet during your stay.  Harrison Ford The Star Wars and Indiana Jones star has owned an 80-acre ranch here for nearly 40 years. As a capable woodwork...

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5 Reasons to Visit Jackson Hole in Spring 

Jackson Hole is a unique destination year-round, but spring offers a sweet spot for visitors looking for a blend of adventure, wildlife, and fewer crowds. Here's why booking your trip to Jackson Hole in spring might be the best travel decision you'll make. Wildlife that Comes Alive Well, “comes alive” is a bit of a misnomer. It’s not like they’re coming back from the dead. Believe us, if Jackson had zombie wildlife, we’d have written about it already. But while you’re not l...

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