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9 Completely Free Things to do in Jackson Hole (that are fun!) 2021

Going down the mountain

We get it, traveling and lodging can be super expensive. You want to get out and have fun but your budget is limited. Well no fear, we've got some great ideas for you so that you can still experience the wonder of Jackson Hole without spending a dime!

1. Watch the Shootout in Town Square

The shootout is a reenactment of what gun fights would have looked like back in the day. It's free to the public and everyone is welcome to gather around and watch this heart pumping, thrilling show! It is currently scheduled to start up again this summer (2021). It happens at 6:00pm Monday-Saturday at the northeast corner of Town Square. This is a must-see when visiting Jackson....plus it's FREE! Bring your whole family and you will enjoy seeing this western shootout! If you watch a video of what the shootout looks like, feel free to click here.

2. Go to the Jackson National Fish Hatchery

The Jackson National Fish Hatchery is a really neat place to visit. This is where they hatch and produce fish in order to help make up for loses from federal water projects. They also use the fish for research. You can walk on a short path to the fish hatchery building where you will be able to go inside and see rows of fish. There are guides there who can talk to you about the fish and answer your questions. Then you can go outside and walk around the beautiful property. Their hours are 8:00am-4:00pm. The great part is that this is all FREE, and it's a great way to learn more about wildlife and the environment.

3. Walk through Western Art Museums

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Photo via: Wilcox Art Gallery Photo via: Wilcox Art Gallery[/caption] Jackson Hole is filled with amazing art museums. Western art has a real beauty and charm to it. We highly recommend walking through a few of these museums just for fun, and you will be in awe of the art and talent that is presented. One of our favorites is the Wilcox Art Gallery. There is art from many different artists displayed here, as well as art from Jim Wilcox who is known for his amazing landscape paintings. Best of all, it's free to go look around! Their hours are 10:00am-8:00pm.

4. Go on a Hike

Going down the mountain Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy and experience the unique beauty of Jackson Hole. There is nothing better than getting out into the mountains and enjoying nature. Plus, nature is FREE! Here is a list of 11 great hikes around Jackson. We recommend the Phelps Lake Loop hike. It has the most stunning views!

5. Visit a Bookstore

Bookstores are always a treat. It's especially fun to visit one in Jackson Hole and see the unique selection of books there. We recommend going to the Jackson Hole Book Trader. Check out this Google review and see if it doesn't make you want to go here:
What a treasure! This quaint local bookseller is a delight to browse through and unwind while reading a book on the outdoor patio. They carry new arrivals, classics, children's books, artwork, and rare first editions. Great atmosphere with friendly staff. Parking is limited but I was able to park at the front door. Prices competitive with online retailers, but so much better since you can touch the books & smell the pages. Wonderful.  -Austin Wolf
Hours are 10:00am-6:00pm Monday-Saturday. Bookstores are great because they are FREE to browse!

6. Wander through Yippi-I-O Candy Store

This is one of the best candy stores around. It's full of yummy smells, bright colors, and every kind of candy you can imagine! Another perk is that you can get a little taste test sample of one of their yummy fudge flavors for FREE! We recommend the huckleberry fudge flavor, yum! Check out this Google review:
This hole in the wall store is a must see. Not only do they have fudge and other homemade treats I also found some my favorite candy from my childhood. The unique part for me was all of the local huckleberry choices. I purchased tea bags, lemonade mix, jelly beans and lollipops. -Dduck275
We highly recommend checking out this candy store while you're in Jackson! Hours are 11:00am-6:00pm (on Sundays it closes at 5:00pm).

7. Walk around Town Square

[caption id="attachment_2211" align="aligncenter" width="480"]The antler arch One of the beautiful antler arches in Town Square[/caption] You can't go to Jackson without visiting Town Square! This is a beautiful area right in the center of town, with an antler arch in all four corners. Walking through Town Square will give you a good feel of the vibe and atmosphere of Jackson. It's also always fun to just sit and people watch! If you want to see what Town Square looks light right at this very moment, click here. You can click here to experience what it's like to walk through Town Square. You never know what you might see around Town Square...you might even run into a moose walking around! Visiting Town Square is an absolute must when you visit Jackson!

8. Check out the Elk with your Binoculars

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G47Vbe1VdY[/embed] Jackson Hole is well known for being home to the National Elk Refuge. So while you're here you should definitely go check them out! You can pull over on the side of the road, pull out your binoculars, and have fun watching this amazing herd of elk. Elk are majestic animals that are worth going to see. You can see what they look like right now by watching the live webcam link above. This is the view from the Flat Creek Inn, which is a great place to stay if you visit Jackson:). It is located right across the street from this amazing National Elk Refuge.

9. Visit the Teton County Library

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="606"] Photo via: Teton County Library[/caption] It's always fun to check out local libraries when traveling to new places. The Teton County Library is a real treat! This library has very high ratings on Google and is very loved by the local community. Their hours are M-Th 9:30am-8:30pm, Fridays it closes at 6:30pm, Saturdays it closes at 5:00pm, Sundays it's open from 1:00pm-5:00pm. You can get a taste of what local life is like by walking around the library, or even sitting down and enjoying a book!  

If you have any favorite free things that you like to do in Jackson Hole, please leave them in the comments!

We hope you enjoy your time here in Jackson. We'd love to have you come stay here at the Flat Creek Inn when you come! See our current specials here.

See you soon!

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