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5 Travel Resolutions to Make This Year

Times Square at night
Times Square at night With the New Year upon us, many of us have probably been reflecting upon the goals and resolutions we made in 2022, all the progress we did (or didn’t) make, and what we want to achieve this coming year. Instead of going with the same old “binge less Netflix” or “visit a gym periodically,” I’d like to suggest we make travel resolutions that will help us see more, do more, and make more memories. 

Use all your vacation time

Did you know that approximately 63% of Americans would turn down a job offer if it didn’t include paid time off (PTO), but nearly 55% of all American employees leave vacation time unclaimed? This year, make it a resolution to use all those vacation days. Using PTO benefits your physical and mental health and increases your job satisfaction. Despite the worry and fear that may sometimes accompany leaving work for an extended amount of time, in my experience, the office is still functioning when I get back from vacation. And while you’re at it, turn off your out-of-office response and email notifications (unless you’re the President of the United States or something).  Adventure in Bryce

Be a tourist in your own city or state

As much as it disappoints me, not all vacations can be whirlwind European (or South American, Asian, or tropical island) escapes. Exploring your own city or state is a fun and rewarding way to spend your vacation time this year. I happen to live in Utah, which is home to five national parks and numerous state parks, each with its own unique draw. I’m also close to museums, theaters, art galleries, and so many cool, local restaurants. A quick Google or Instagram search can bring up countless options for unusual attractions in your city or state. (Atlas Obscura is a great resource for finding unusual and noteworthy sights to see, both off and on the beaten path, anywhere in the world.) Book a staycation in your own city and spend some time getting to know it as any tourist would! 

Visit the United States

Touring the US is another fantastic option, especially if you have a few more days or a larger budget. When I hear someone say “travel,” my mind automatically thinks of international travel, but I often wish that wasn’t the case. The United States is so beautiful, diverse, and quirky that there are endless travel options available—and endless lodging options, too. Search for great Airbnbs (stay in a UFO! Or a caboose! Or hobbit hole!) or become one with nature without having to, you know, endure nature. (We’re not sponsored by any of the places above . . . unless they want us to be.)

Make a goal for more travel

Not every year can be a year for fantastic travel. We all understand budgetary restrictions, family dynamics, or work issues that make taking a vacation unrealistic. But that doesn’t mean it should stop your plans completely. If this year is just one of those years, make a goal to travel more next year. Make a list of your top five travel destinations, international or domestic, and make plans for one of those to happen next year. Find the perfect Airbnb or hotel in your destination of choice. Find a restaurant there that you really want to try. Anything to keep your fire lit until you can make that trip happen. NYC in Feb

Book a stay at Flat Creek Inn

Shameless plug here, but Flat Creek Inn is the perfect place for your next vacation. Situated in scenic Jackson Hole, Wyoming with close proximity to both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, there’s literally something for everyone here. A few years ago, my husband and I stayed at Flat Creek Inn for a weekend of biking and we still talk about how much fun we had. We’re planning to return this fall, this time with two little girls in tow. Did we miss any travel resolutions? What are your travel resolutions this year? Let us know in the comments! --- Breanne Kunz was raised in the Pacific Northwest but grew up spending summers in Idaho and frequently visiting Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone National Park. She is a wife and mom who likes to write. She occasionally travels (not as much as she’d like) and always eats.   chensiyuan, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons Frye, L. (2018, June 1). More People Are Taking Time Off, and That’s Good for Business. SHRM.org. Retrieved December 28, 2022, from https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/hr-topics/employee-relations/pages/workers-taking-more-vacation-.aspx Kolmar, C. (2022, August 18). 50+ telling paid time off (PTO) statistics [2022]: Average PTO in the United States. Zippia 50+ Telling Paid Time Off PTO Statistics 2022 Average PTO In The United States Comments. Retrieved December 28, 2022, from https://www.zippia.com/advice/pto-statistics/  

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