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5 Reasons to Visit Jackson Hole in Spring 

Jackson Hole is a unique destination year-round, but spring offers a sweet spot for visitors looking for a blend of adventure, wildlife, and fewer crowds. Here's why booking your trip to Jackson Hole in spring might be the best travel decision you'll make.

Wildlife that Comes Alive

Well, “comes alive” is a bit of a misnomer. It’s not like they’re coming back from the dead. Believe us, if Jackson had zombie wildlife, we’d have written about it already. But while you’re not likely to see any undead elk, spring is prime time for wildlife watching. As the snow melts, animals like moose, deer, bison, and bears emerge in search of food. And while the elk in the elk refuge are just about to start migrating toward the summer ranges, it’s not too late to catch them before they pack their bags. 

Quieter Attractions

Right now is a golden time between ski season and the summer madness. Flat Creek Inn, for instance, offers comfortable accommodations with the added benefit of off-peak pricing. But enough about us: spring is an opportunity to enjoy the area’s natural beauty without breaking the bank. You’ll also find relatively fewer tourists out and about, which means you'll have more space to explore Jackson Hole’s attractions at your own pace. Whether it’s strolling through quaint Jackson Hole Town Square or visiting local museums, you'll appreciate the absence of long lines and crowded viewing spots. It’s a tradeoff, of course—fewer people means not everything is open. Still, check websites ahead of time and make the most of the lack of crowds. 

Unique Outdoor Activities

There’s a brief period each spring where Teton Park Road is clear of snow but still closed to vehicles. This limited-time, weather-dependent opportunity turns the road into a paradise for cyclists, rollerbladers, and pedestrians. Start from Taggart Lake Trailhead all the way to Signal Mountain Lodge. That’s about 30 miles, but you can go as far or as short as you want. This magical window opens somewhere around late March or early April and lasts until May 1, when the road reopens to motorized traffic.

Old West Days

Come celebrate Jackson’s Western heritage at Old West Days, ten days of food, music, culture, and more yeehaws and howdy-you-dos than most places get in a year. In late May (this year, it runs from May 17 to May 27), the festivities commence with ElkFest, Teton Powwow, and the High Noon Chili Cook-off in the downtown area. (Yum.) Keep your day and your stomach full during the weekend with events the Jackson Hole Restaurant Week, Mountain Man Rendezvous, and the Old West Days Ranch Tour. The celebration concludes over Memorial Day weekend with The Best of the West Parade, Old West Brewfest, and the Million Dollar Music Fest. 

Scenic Beauty

Lastly, the natural beauty of Jackson Hole in spring is amazing. We don’t have to sell it to you, do we? From the blooming wildflowers in Grand Teton National Park to the still snow-capped peaks, the landscapes are spectacular. It's a perfect time for photographers, nature lovers, and eyeball owners in general to come together and check out what the area has to offer.

Visiting Jackson Hole in spring is for those looking to enjoy the best of both worlds: winter’s end and the promise of summer. Whether you’re planning a solo adventure, a romantic getaway, or a family trip, consider making Jackson Hole your springtime destination.


Ryan Kunz is a copywriter and freelance writer who writes on a variety of topics, including media, the outdoors, and whatever else strikes his fancy. He would attend Old West Days, but you’re not going to get him to wear a hat or boots. 

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