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3 Fun Books about Yellowstone (For Kids!)

Are you planning a trip to Yellowstone anytime soon? Do your kids even know what Yellowstone is? Here are 3 awesome books to get your kids excited about Yellowstone!  

Book #1: Yellowstone National Park by Megan Cooley Peterson

This book was published in 2019 so it's current, which is always great. It gives the lowdown on Norris Geyser Basin, Upper Geyser Basin, Mammoth Hot Springs, and more. The pictures are colorful, there are fun facts on every page that kids will love.  

Book #2: National Parks Yellowstone by Audra Wallace

This book covers the history, animals and plants you might find in Yellowstone, and it mentions how to preserve Yellowstone, which is great. This includes some crazy Yellowstone facts including that there are some mud pots that can throw mud 15 feet up in the air! (Kids will love that little tidbit!) Here's a video if you want to see a mud pot in action! It also covers the topic of the rotten egg smell that emminates from some areas of Yellowstone and what causes the smell. (Like I said, kids will love these fun facts!)  

Book #3: Welcome to Yellowstone National Park by Teri and Bob Temple

This book is geared more for older kids. It includes information about the Hayden Expedition, Bison, Mammoth Country, and more. The photography in this book is amazing. I also love that the authors are married and they have dedicated their lives to helping kids by teaching and writing books!

Hopefully these books can drop some knowledge into your kiddos!

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