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This Jackson Hole lodging deal involves lots of animals.

If you were alive during the nineties, or you’ve had some exposure to pop culture since, chances are there’s a certain image burned into your brain: a sunrise blazes into existence on the screen, accompanied by a chant to which everyone knows the words without really knowing the words. (You know—it goes, “Naaaants igonyaaaa!” . . . or something like that.) The sunrise awakens animals big and small (who shuffle drowsily across the Serengeti) as well as your own inner child.
I’m referring, of course, to the opening moments of The Lion King, and you can’t tell me you’ve never had the desire to see animals during the day's waking moments in real life. However, if your pocketbook or your schedule aren’t as eager as you are to travel all the way to Africa, you might be interested in a similar experience in Jackson Hole.
Flat Creek Inn, your premier home base for enjoying the natural wonders of the area and source for Jackson Hole lodging deals, is offering a deal that will help you fulfill your early morning and late night wildlife viewing fantasies. Many animals are active right before the sun comes up and right after it goes down (the word describing these creatures, by the way, is “crepuscular,” in case you want to impress the lucky people in your tour), and by the time the sunrise blossoms across the horizon, it’s likely that you’ll have seen a lot of them. The full package includes:
• one night’s stay at Flat Creek Inn (additional nights 20% off)
• one gift pack of granola from the Bunnery, plus two bottles of water
• two tickets for a four-hour dawn or dusk tour of wildlife in Grand Teton National Park
The deal comes in partnership with Brushback Tours, and wildlife tours has been ranked as the number-one thing to do in Jackson. You can find more info and photos here.
(There's a two-person minimum, and the deal is good till May 15. You can't get a refund in cancellation is within 48 hours of the schedule tour.)
Call 307-733-5276 to come and take advantage of the deal! There’s more to see than can ever been seen . . . and more to do than can ever be done here in Jackson Hole.

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