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The Flat Creek Inn: A Bagley Family Affair

The Birth of the Red Barn (the original gas station)

Back in 1967, two lovebirds and their young family started off on the adventure of a lifetime. They moved to Jackson Hole Wyoming with high hopes and lots of excitement. These two lovebirds were Jerry and Patsy Bagley. They bought some land on the outskirts of the city with $20,000 that was loaned to them from Jerry’s dad. It was there that the Red Barn gas station was born.

Jerry and Patsy Bagley

Running the Red Barn and firework stand was a family affair from the start. Jerry ran the business, and Patsy paid the bills and counted and deposited their earnings each week. Over time the Red Barn also included a car wash, an ice house, a camp ground, and an antler arch. Jerry and Patsy raised 7 children while living there, and they lived in a cute log home that Jerry built just up the hill from the Red Barn (it’s still there today!). The children all helped with running the gas station as well as selling the fireworks. Families that work together, stay together!

The Red Barn


Jerry having fun at the Red Barn

The Birth of the Flat Creek Inn

After 20 years of running the Red Barn, the selling of fireworks was banned in Teton County. That meant that the Red Barn would no longer be making as much profit as it once did. Jerry and Patsy were approached by a man who asked if he could lease their land and build a motel on it. The Bagleys agreed to his idea and that’s how the Flat Creek Inn was born. Meanwhile, Jerry and Patsy decided it was the perfect time relocate their family to Idaho (only the youngest two children were still living at home at this point). They started new adventures in Idaho and flourished there, while still keeping tabs on their land back in Jackson Hole.

Eventually the original owner of the motel passed away and new owners took over, but sadly the motel ended up falling into bankruptcy. It was about 2012, and the Flat Creek Inn was in rough shape. By this time Jerry had passed away and Patsy had become the main owner of the land, along with all of her children. It was decided that it was time for the Bagley family to come back into the picture and take care of their beloved land in Jackson Hole.

The Bagley Family

The Happy Ending

The Bagley children and their spouses stepped in with their time, talents, and love to help run the Motel and get it back into top notch condition. Even many of the grandchildren also helped out by working there in the summers, cleaning the rooms and running the convenience store. Since the Bagley family has taken over the managing of the Flat Creek Inn, it has gone up in ranking from 44th place on Trip Advisor to 16th place! That’s pretty impressive for a 2 Star Motel!


The Bagley Family fixing up the Flat Creek Inn!


The entire Bagley family posterity!


The Bagley family has now owned the land for over 50 years! And they all agree that the Flat Creek Inn is hands down the best value in Jackson Hole! Come visit and see for yourself…but you don’t have to take their word for it!…

Check out this recent review from 486angieb in Texas, “We stay at this hotel at least 2 times a year the rates are great and so is the view. The staff is very friendly and the coffee in the store is delicious. And every room has a view of the elk refuge. You are a very short drive to town square. Great beds very comfortable.”

Thanks Angie! We hope to see you all soon at the Flat Creek Inn!

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