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Plan Your Jackson Hole Winter Vacation Now

The leaves are just changing colors, and it’ll be a while until the snows begin to fly. The temperature has yet to plunge. And it’s definitely way too early start playing Christmas music. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your Jackson Hole winter vacation now. We’re offering snowmobile packages this year through Scenic Safaris. These trips take you to Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. If you’ve never experienced Yellowstone on the back of a snowmobile, you’re living an incomplete life. You have two options. Choose the one that gives you the desired amount of familiarity with your plus-one:   • The Cozy Snowmobile Package is for 2 riders on one snowmobile- $525.00: It includes a two-night stay and 4 breakfast items from the store.* • The Solo Snowmobile Package is for 2 machines 1 rider each- $652.00: It includes two-night stay and 4 breakfast items from the store.* Snowmobile trips are between December 15 and March 15. [caption id="attachment_865" align="alignnone" width="480"]YNP Saftey speech Photo by Scene Safaris.[/caption]   * based on double occupancy.   Here’s a link for more info. Happy riding!

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