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Jackson Hole Shootout

Last week I attended one of my favorite free things to do in Jackson: the shootout. I can’t think of any other town that closes off a downtown intersection every evening of the summer for a shootout. It lasts about 15 minutes, and it’s a little drama put on by the Jackson Hole Playhouse. The shootout has been going on for 50 years. It felt like I was really stepping back into the Old West.

The shooting was a little loud for my baby, and my two year old cried when she heard the guns, but older kids really enjoyed it.

Jackson Hole Shootout

The Jackson Hole Shootout Takes Place: Monday-Saturday at 6:00pm on Town Square from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Free to the public. No reservations necessary. Spectators begin gathering on the northeast corner of Jackson’s Town Square beginning at about 5:30pm. Enjoy ice cream and other refreshments available at businesses around the Square. For example, Wilcox Gallery II has original oil paintings from local artists, Gifts of the Earth is one of the oldest stores in Jackson, and Pendleton has the best wool blankets. I enjoyed a chocolate crossaint and drink from Starbucks. It's also nice to just rest on one of the benches in the shady Square and people watch.

Resting in Town Square as we wait for the shootout to start.

Flat Creek Inn is about a mile north of Jackson town square. Come stay with us! (We have a great off-season special. Check out our specials page for more info.)

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